Let’s be Deep

Why are we so afraid to be honest?   Why can’t we just be frank with one another?  We are afraid of showing to others the true self.  We are afraid of rejection.  We are all actors and experts in pretending.  I don’t mean to offend anyone, so if you believe you don’t fall under this category, I respect your opinion.  However, my experience has taught me that people, including myself, pretend that things are the way we think others want them to be.  I am against any behavior that supports our tendency to be “fake”, including being politically correct, apologizing when we don’t feel like it, greeting others without intending to, and being courteous to prevent offending others.  These are all superficial behaviors.  None of these help us to go deeper in relationships.  Let us not be afraid of going into deep waters.  If others are offended, that is truly their decision, not yours.

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