Can we simplify?

Can we simplify our lives?  The life that most of us live is so complicated, it is not even funny.  When I walk at the mall, for instance, I see all the hypocrisy that people exhibit just to please others.  The vendors act friendly and helpful, just because they want to sell me a product.  It is truly a selfish act.  Others  greet me or smile just because it is the “right thing to do” and polite, but not genuine.  Maybe some are legit, but most are not.  We step out of our homes and automatically put on our “masks”.  In the movie “Batman Forever” , Batman tells a woman “We all wear masks!..” which is so true.  We are all pretenders.   We act in ways that are superficial and selfish.  Can’t we just be honest and treat each other with genuine care?  Can we stop compartmentalizing our lives and treat everyone the same?

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