Multiple Lives

I wake up in the morning and feel like myself.

Take a shower, eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave the house.

Then automatically I become the “other me”.

I enter my work place and start acting not like the “me” who woke up in the morning.

My mother calls me, and I answer , and automatically become the “third me”

My old friend talks to me, and then I become the “fourth me”

I act and think different with all of these encounters.  Society tells me this is normal, it is healthy, polite.

I look back into it, and feel I am a hypocrite.  Why can’t I be the same with everyone?  Why am I expected to comparmentalize?

I feel uncomfortable with these divided selves.  I am not being myself.  I want to be myself.

I want to be the same, to be transparent, instead of living multiple lives.


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