Can I be Out of My Mind?

Can I be out of my mind, or out of my comfort zone?   Sometimes I wish I could just behave fully human, in other words, that I could behave exactly the way I feel and believe.  I would like to be a person that everyone likes to spend time with.  I would like people to feel comfortable with me, not because I simply want the attention (which would be a selfish and arrogant reason) but because I feel I need to be like this.  Why?  Because I am a human being and we are all humans and rely on each other. I have learned that we are social beings and if we prefer to be alone, then we are lacking something very important: the natural tendency to want to be with others.  But my mind tricks me with all these fears about what people might think about me.  My mind often controls my actions, which actually paralyzes me.  But I don’t want to be paralyzed anymore, but myself.  I want to get out of this prison of “shyness” and simply be myself.  How can I start to do this?

One thought on “Can I be Out of My Mind?

  1. Hey big guy, I want to assure you that you are not out of your mind. Shyness is the deepest dungeon anybody can keep himself. It is just a set of a person’s imagination and not what others think about the person.
    So, if a person can’t appreciate and think good about himself, then he is not worthy of himself. Neol, I admire your ideologies and I think we have that in common.

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