Walking Zombies

Walking zombies.  We are walking zombies.  We walk around, with our heads down, or looking straight ahead, not paying attention, or trying not to pay attention to anybody else.  We pass each other, don’t say much…. because that is the polite thing to do.  If we say “Hi” or “Good morning” , that would be the maximum that is allowed.  If we say more, we have exceeded the comfort zone, and our stress level goes up.  I stand in the elevator, don’t say a word.  I stand in line at the store, don’t look at anybody. It is preferred you look at nobody.  If I look at anybody, it is considered rude, unless I ask for something. I walk down the hall, don’t stop to talk to anybody.  I walk in the park, don’t start conversation with a stranger, because it is not polite.  We don’t communicate, unless we need something, unless it is a necessity.  If we talk too much, we are annoying.  If we act friendly, we are intruding. We prefer to talk on the cell phone, or listen to Itunes, rather than talk to a real person in front of us. Unless we know someone, need something, or are in an emergency, we don’t talk to each other.  Because it is polite.  It is expected.  It is also ridiculous.  We don’t treat each other as humans.  So we walk around like we don’t see each other.  Like we are alone in this world.  We are walking zombies.

One thought on “Walking Zombies

  1. Layla Gonzalez says:

    Hi, Noel. Thanks for you comment at my blog. Yes, our articles in essense speak to each other.

    You described our society perfectly. In my area some people will say hi with a quip of how you doing, but the mantra must be fine – anything else is too much information, thereby causing stress. So we even fake how we are really feeling. Would that person care if you said you felt like crap. No. My point why bother to aske when you do not really care to know or do anything about it. No one cares to make another smile, just make me smile.

    You are correct, this is a society zombi world, with zombi people in it. The sad thing is, most people know it, most people just do not care.

    Visit anytime. I will bookmark you. God bless you! 🙂


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