Talk is Cheap

TalkTalk is cheap.  So many people say so many things, and at the end of the day, it means nothing.  Why?  Because their actions and their words do not match.  We are hypocrites.  We prefer to present a facade with no foundation.  If you say you care about me, please do something that shows it.  If you say that you want to help me, I need to see action.  If you say that I am in your prayers or thoughts, that sounds nice, but I also need to experience an impact from you.  Otherwise, you are talking nonsense.  I rather you tell me that you really don’t care much about me, than  you say the opposite and not show it. I have things to accomplish in this life, so I really don’t want to spend time hoping that someday, people will come to me to express some true care and concern.  I am trying very hard to practice what I say.  I am trying to get out of my comfort zone to reach out to others.  If I don’t see this effort from others, oh well.  That is their decision.  I am not going to try to find them.  I have tried it too many times.  If they come, good.  If not, that’s their decision.  I have to move on.  Life is too short. Whatever I have to do, I must do it today.  Not just say it, plan it, and not do anything about it.


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