It is not about me.

MeI have heard people say things such as “at least he said ‘thanks'”  and “children don’t appreciate my help like adults do”.

I also heard others mention that people should call them and apologize for their mistakes.

We tend to want others to be friendly to us, which determines how we will treat them.

If others ignore us or don’t  show appreciation, then we tend to back off.

We are quick to  expecting others to recognize us.  We tend to want the attention, with no price.

Or we prefer no attention, because the attention may hurt our feelings, like it did in the past.

Why are we so adamant about others appreciating us, recognizing us, and taking care of us?

We either want it, or don’t want it.  But rarely do we initiate the connection.

It’s almost as if the world should revolve around us. But it is not about us.  It is not about me.

I think we need to mature socially, and start reaching out to others,

without expecting everybody to reach out to us.

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