Kill the Ego. Resurrect the Real Me.


The Ego is the fabricated self that we use to defend us from being hurt.  It is the image that we present to ourselves and others in an attempt to be untouchable.  We don’t want to be vulnerable, so we create the Ego to protect us from vulnerability.  It is simply a coward way of living.  We have limitations and weaknesses, but we are afraid of acknowledging them.  Because the moment we admit our weaknesses, we think we become a target.  We don’t want to be a target, because it hurts.  We don’t want to be hurt again, like we have been in the past.  So we rather live behind the Ego, hidden in its shadow, like wearing a big costume   that seems strong, shinny, and unbreakable.  But underneath the Ego, lies the real Me. The real Me does not want to be seen, because there is the fear of being ridiculed, laughed at, attacked, and eventually rejected.  We don’t want to be rejected by others, so we present the Ego, which is usually accepted by others.  It is the pretending that everything is fine, everything is under control, it is the “I got this!” attitude.  But we don’t.  The Me underneath the Ego knows that I don’t “got this”.  I am lost.  I am confused.  I am weak and alone.  But that is too painful to accept.  The Ego keeps me pretending that I am strong. Society likes the Ego, because it teaches me that being strong, successful, and popular is desirable.  Anything different from being popular and strong is not desirable.  It is a fantasy.  But the real Me needs to come out eventually.  The real Me needs to be acknowledged more often because it is real.  How much more pretending am I going to endure?  The real Me comes out when a crisis occurs, when a loved one passes away, when I lose a job, when illness strikes.  The real Me comes out, with all of its defects and limitations, and puts the Ego on hold.  But it does not lasts long.  Eventually the Ego takes over again, because it is what Society likes.  And the Ego keeps me in accord with Society.  But these moments of sadness remind me about the Truth. The Truth that the real Me is real.  I am reminded that the Ego is simply a facade.  It is fake.  Do I want to continue living a lie?  Do I dare to relinquish the purpose of the Ego and be brave enough to embrace the real Me? What are the potential consequences?  Rejection.  But if people reject me because I choose to display the real Me, were they my true friends?  Were they worthy?  I risk being lonely if I embrace and expose the real Me more often, but at least I will be real.  Maybe I will find someone who will accept my weaknesses, my limitations, my faults.  And if I do, then it will be two of us who are real.

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