What is Real?


Walking down the hallway at my job, I was reminded of how superficial and deceiving we all act in public. We walk around, pretending that we have it all together, when in fact we don’t. We dress up nice, we comb our hair, we put on make up, and we put a fake smile on our face to present professionalism. But it is all a play. It is all pretending. What would it be like if we behave honestly?  What would happen if we just say and do exactly how we feel (without violating anybody’s rights of course)?  What if, after having a rough morning, instead of saying “Good morning!”, we say “Rough morning!”  Or if I am having a boring morning, I say “Boring morning!”.  After all, it is the truth.  Why do we say :”Good morning” anyways?  Wishing the other person to have a good morning, or claiming that you are having a good morning?  Why not simply say “How are you feeling today?” and expect an honest answer? Why should I say something that is not accurate?  Because everybody does it and it is polite? I am tired of being polite.  It is an excuse to hide ourselves.  It is a nice label we give to the facade that we create.  It is the way to feed the falsified and fabricated ego that makes us look good.  It is our favorite way of protecting ourselves from being hurt again.  But it is not real.  What is real?  We are afraid of being real.  We don’t dare to get out of our comfort zone and be real with one another.  It is not polite.  It is not nice.  It is not civilized.  What would it be like if we just express exactly what we feel, not what is expected of us?

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