“Why do you wave at people?”


My daughter asked me today, driving down my neighborhood “Dad, why do you wave at people in this neighborhood, but don’t do it outside in public?” And I thought, “Good question!” Why do I do that exclusively in the neighborhood, even if I don’t know them? Is it because it is a neighborhood, and we simply feel like belonging to a community? Why not do it outside in the bigger community? If I start waving at people in public, such as in the mall, park, airport, or shopping center, what will people think? Does it matter what people think? Unfortunately, I would feel uncomfortable if someone starts waving at me in public when I don’t know them. I would start thinking that I can’t remember who this person is when I should. Or think that the person is stalking me, or trying to sell me something. But I don’t think I should feel this way. There is nothing wrong with someone waving at another person, even if it is done in public and the people haven’t met each other. Of course, if the person is a famous celebrity, then the expectation is different. But most of us are regular, so why the fear of waving at each other? Hmmm?


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