Can I get your Attention, please ?


I strongly believe I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).   And I don’t think this because of all the education I have received on this disorder, or because I want to justify my lack of attention.  I truly believe that my mind tends to wonder and miss portions of a conversation or literature.  I am often thinking many things at once, fidgety, and impatient.  I hide things in order to keep organized, but I rarely organize for real.  When I read, I have to keep notes or highlight with a marker, otherwise, I will forget most of it.  When people talk to me, I have to make a mental picture with symbols and colors, in order to remember the details.  I also have to force myself to focus on the conversation, or I will drift away in my thoughts about something else.  When I am looking for something, I end up looking for something different.  And my memory, oh my poor memory!  It really sucks!  My wife often gets frustrated because she tells me that she already told me about a particular event or task.  I swear I don’t remember a thing about it.  But it happened.  Losing things?  All the time.  I sometimes wonder if my pens, for example, grow legs and walk away, because I always lose them.  I am not hyperactive, but my attention lacks.  I don’t remember (see? my memory failing me again) if as a child I used to be like this.  I had good grades, straight A’s.  But when I started adulthood, things started getting bad.   I have not been officially diagnosed by a doctor, nor I plan to do so.  I don’t take medications, use drugs, drink, nor smoke.  I drink coffee though.  Not too much.

So there you have it.  My attention deficit story.  Oh, before I forget (again), I also start doing something, and end up doing something else.  Did I mention this already?  Oh, and I am terrible with numbers, I don’t know if this is another trait of ADD. Anyways, if anyone shares the same ordeal as myself, or if anyone has any idea on how to deal with my lack of attention, I would appreciate it.  I just wanted to be honest about myself,  so that you get to know a little more about myself.  Did I get your attention? Hope so.


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