Isn’t Summer Supposed to be Relaxing?

vacationRelax? Summer?  I thought that summer was supposed to be a time in the year where we can relax. However, with kids it is a time full of summer activities, such as going to the beach, swimming lessons, and sports events.  It is also a time to make plans for camping, dance lessons, and martial arts.  It seems that there is a lot more going on during the summer than when school is open.  By the second month, we are already thinking about what is needed when school starts again: book bags, new clothes, notebooks, pencils, etc.  Then, although I prefer warm weather, there is a lot of sweating and tanning that can have some complications if we are not careful, such as using sun protection.  I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, but when school is almost out at the end of May, I am usually excited about the summer vacation bringing some relief to the crazy daily schedule.  But summer appears to have its own crazy schedule as well.  There is no time to rest.  Really.  Then school starts, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years, and then it starts all over again.  And if we force ourselves to have a vacation in the middle of fall or spring, there is always planning such as where to go, how much  to spend, which hotel to use, etc.  It seems like the hectic lifestyle is never ending. I might have to develop my own way of relaxing, such  as yoga, meditating, or painting.  Or maybe move to a deserted island.   Anyways, I just thought I might share this opinion.  Any other thoughts about summer?

One thought on “Isn’t Summer Supposed to be Relaxing?

  1. I would rather just work 3/4 time straight through the year or have all trips be work related. When you have a complete break, you’re already thinking about what work needs to be done anyway. Spread the relaxation around the entire year!

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