Ten Reasons why Christmas sucks!

These are the reasons why Christmas is no longer my favorite holiday.
1. It’s all about marketing, commercialism  and convincing us to buy, buy , and buy some more.
2. It is also about the big, fat, beared man with elves and reindeers (fantasy)
3. It is making Thanksgiving disappear from our communities as people start decorating right after Halloween.
4. All children want are the presents under the tree, forget the tree!
5. The weather is too darn cold and depressing.
6. Christmas songs are also depressing.
7. Red and green do not match, never did, never will.
8. No matter what your religious faith is, Christians are adamant about convincing everyone that Christmas is all about God saving the world from eternal damnation through the birth of a Jewish baby (even though it truly has pagan roots).
9. People can’t make up their minds about saying “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy Holidays”
10. True love, care, and giving should be celebrated every day, not just on December 25th.

Got any other reasons why Christmas is not so great?

50 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why Christmas sucks!

  1. 🙂

    Sounds like someone needs to read Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and I do mean read. It is true that love, charity, compassion and goodwill are to be practice all year round. If I recall, Dickens does make this point.

    By the way, it really is about Jesus and why God, the Father sent him here to do. As for the actual day of December 25, I’d call it a poetic irony. It is either the day with the longest night or shortly after it. A few days later is the New Year or should I say New Beginnings.

    When Jesus came, it was one of the darkest time in human history. His birth signaled hope and redemption for all who’d receive. By the way, I do know that Jesus was not born on Dec 25. I simply appreciate the timing that Constantine chose.

    • Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

      And Mister Ed really was a talking horsey! Gee, I think I’ll trek on over to Warner Bros. Studios and make a date to have dinner with Bugs Bunny, too! Then I’ll see if Shaggy wants to smoke some weed with me in the Mystery Machine! And by the way: Fuck Christmas! Take care now! Ta! Ta! As Endora would say!

    • Anonymous says:

      Aww did someone not get that remote control car they wanted for Christmas when they were a kid. Boo hoo sounds like your issues extend alot farther than Christmas. Some give this person a hug before they poison Santa’s cookies. Marry Christmas!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey anybody who is trying to bad talk him should shut up. He spoke his opinions and if you don’t like it then why did you read it

    • Les says:

      The reasons I have decided to reject Christmas are:
      1. Christmas has, for the most part, morphed into being only about buying and receiving THINGS, nothing more. And those who are able to summon up any sort of kindness and good will during that holiday, quickly extinguish it the second X-Mas is over. How fake & plastic of a holiday is that!? It seems that the babe in the manger has been replaced by the babe in the Victoria’s Secret window and the full inn is now replaced by the full mall or Walmart parking lot.
      2. Christ wasn’t even born anywhere near December 25th. Look it up if you don’t believe me! The Catholic Church, upon its inception, replaced many of the popular pagan holidays/celebrations and their dates of the time with ‘Christian’ holidays/celebrations somewhere between the 5th & 4th centuries. The pagan holiday/celebration that Christmas replaced was the celebration of Mithras'(the Persian god of covenants & oaths; the Romans were notorious for adapting the holidays & traditions of the lands/peoples they conquered) birthday which, as you probably have guessed, is on December 25th. On top of that, almost all of the customs such as Christmas trees, yule logs, Santa Claus, mistletoe, ad nauseum are totally of pagan origin. Ask yourself just what do any of those things have to do with Christ’s birth. The answer is that they have nothing to do with Christ’s birth whatsoever!
      3. The second point I made leads to this 3rd point I’m going to make. That point is that the Bible itself instructs believers to not engage in pagan customs/traditions in order to worship the Lord. Yeah, check out Deuteronomy 12:30-32 & 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. Seeing how the Bible, which is God’s word, forbids using pagan customs & traditions, I really don’t think celebrating Christmas, which is nothing more than a big hodgepodge of pagan customs & traditions, is a very good idea.
      4. There is no place in the Bible where Jesus or His disciples instruct believers to celebrate His birth. But, on the other hand, there are verses aplenty in the Bible that instruct believers to commemorate His death & resurrection. Saying that, the early Christians weren’t interested at all in Christ’s birth but were instead concerned with His death & resurrection.
      Those above points I made are the reasons why I don’t celebrate Christmas. And no, I am certainly not any sort of Scrooge in any way, shape, or form. I try to be as generous as much as I possibly can. If the majority of the populace up and decided one year to not celebrate Christmas at all, it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

      • Les says:

        And to those yolkels who are always saying stuff like, “we need to put Christ back into X-Mas,” just how can Christ ever be in something He was never a part of, to begin with? Jesus, the Apostles, and all the rest of the early Christians would NEVER even think of encouraging and engaging in the celebration of such a patently pagan celebration. Christmas is truly a holiday that has outlived its relevance & usefulness.

  2. At last you have been starting to open your eyes …. you are right …. deep inside Christmas is almost everything you described in this post.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, I always get such crappy gifts from my parents. Like this year I got a f***ing nerf gun, and I’m a 14 year old female who has never used or asked for a nerf gun. In fact, I have openly shown my disdain for them. They also got me those bandana tube things. There was one time 5 years ago when I wore one for 3 days, and since then the only hair price I wear is a hat I got from a sporting event and hairties to hold up a ponytail/bun. I am grateful to have a loving family and even be able to say that I don’t like some of the gifts under the Christmas tree, and appreciate all that I have been given, but sometimes it just feels kinda crappy that my parents don’t pay enough attention to who I am.

      • As a parent of a 14 year old girl, I am sorry you feel that way. I suggest you talk to them about how you feel and be as honest as you can. I’m sure they’ll listen and pay more attention to you. Good luck

  3. WOW! Thank you for providing a place for us to speak that are not part of the “ChrUstmas robots”.
    There is no more divisive holiday on the calendar, i say. There is a huge dividing during this season between Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, etc. over the validity of worshiping this day.
    The christian agenda to “save everyone” is the hook that they put into their pushing of this basically pagan day of focus toward the sun god.
    Santa claws has been hijacked by religion and commercialism for their self-serving ends. Pray for Santa that he get delivered from the Old Testament, performance- based reward system that is used to scare kids into obeying parents and preachers! The music of the the season is loaded with inaccuracies and a fantasized world view. This “season to be jolly” is full of suicides of folks like me who have biological family that refuses to connect even though they call themselves “christian”..
    Just look at the frenzied shoppers faces and tell me about “jolly”! Just wish a “chrUstmas worshiper” a “Happy Holidays” and watch their “Jolly” disappear like a snowflake on their tongue!
    The “Reason for the season” is not Jesus for i say He would have nothing to do with this idol-worshiping, frenzy i call “chrUstmas”!
    Finally someone took “Christ” out of the “chrustmas” season!. I personally enjoy disliking the “chrUstmas” season and the best gift you can give me is not wish me “Merry ChrUstmas” and to get me into January as fast as possible!!!!
    Thank you for any your respectfully, listening ear.
    And for leaving my dislike of “chrUstmas” intact!

    • Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

      I hear you, Eugene. I’d like to smash the entire christmas fallacy out for good. People here in North America are quite possibly the dumbest of any developed society. Believing in pure fantasy. If you gauge the quality of today’s TV shows with the average american you know what I mean. Belief in god is no different than believing that Kim Kardashian is the Virgin Mary gone wild!

  4. Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

    Where do I begin? Well, growing up a catholic I had little say regarding my early skepticism as a child. I was forced to go through catholic school and suffered abuse mentally and physically. I knew there wasn’t a god by the time I was in second grade. I hated being exposed to the “catholic regiment” as I silently protested the catholic fare. What could I say to my parents who were devout in their beliefs? I was terrified to tell them of the abuse I suffered by the fucking nuns and a couple of priests. I know for sure that there is a place called hell; it’s smack dab here on earth. The religious are the mighty providers of this cause. As soon as I was 16 I left catholic high school and spent one year in a public high school. My parents could go smoke rat shit for their egregious “efforts” to make sure I “stayed good” in “god’s eyes” to remain in catholic school. My protests ensured that this 16 year old got his way into a normal high school, a public one. That one year in public high was the best year of my life. I moved out of the house the next year to college. My major was in microbiology, but I gravitated to journalism and minor acting. I graduated with a masters in communications and a bachelors in journalism. At 60 years of age this old atheist rages on promoting truth every where he can. I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of great conversations with famed paranormal debunker James Randi and Dr. Mike Schermer. Boy what they’ve told me about the sick, twisted world of those evil “psychics” and the people who attempt to support them. Even some scientists have made profitable deals with some “high profile” celebrity “psychics” to falsify psi tests so that the “psychics” would be deemed “authentic.” I also was honored to meet one of the greatest scientists today, Sir Dr. richard Dawkins while I was at Oxford University a couple of years ago. Dr, Dawkins is an extremely cordial and a paramount of intelligence. Sorry to long wind this essay, since I didn’t clear a track for my terrific hatred for christmas. But in my old age my busy fingers have lots of time to tickle my computer’s keys. Christmas is taboo. The christian rot of some “holy virgin” being impregnated by a ghost and bearing “the chosen one” while old Joey boy attempts to quietly divorce the “virgin queen.” Ok, if this dude Jesus really existed then Joey boy fucked his Mary Mary out of wedlock. The punishment was severe if word got out. So, Mary Mary makes a up this patently incredible story about an angel silently fucking her via paranormal means. So the “little king” is born. Hip, hip hooray! So, do I think Jesus really existed? It’s possible. Was he who he was claimed to be? No! Did he die “for your sins?” Holy jumpin’ Jesus and still cretins to this day believe it! Shit no! Why would this guy get hammered to a telephone pole to “save his fellow man?” What saddens me, horrifies me and pissses me off is when I come across a terrificly educated person, a doctor or teacher who actually subscribes to the notion that there’s truth to their religions! How can this be? Thank goodness the scientific community is over 90% atheists! But those few, esoteric ones who actually believe in a “higher power” should be permanently barred from the scientific community!

    • Former Catholic, I am glad you got that out of your chest. You obviously have a lot of anger towards the church which I can relate to, but the difference is that I still believe in God, but not in the way today’s religious people describe him. I was also raised Catholic and later converted to pentecostal, and now i am just a reflective christian. You are invited to read my other blog http://www.livingthekingdom.wordpress.com. it has many posts about religion, atheism, and spirituality. Do you have a blog as well? ?

      • I am no longer Pentecostal. If you read thoroughly, I also wrote that I am currently a reflective Christian. But no, I would not kill myself for converting or disconverting, I would continue to search for truth. Peace.

    • stan says:

      Great response. Its nice to see that at least a few people have gotten away from the lies of religion. Its sad that religions oppress and enslave people. If there is a God, he gave us the intelligence to question life and what its about. If there is a God that created us for the sole purpose of glorifying him, then, He, She, It, isn’t a God I want to care about.

      • Toby says:

        I’m an Atheist spiritualist (because I, personally, can hear and talk to spirits not because I “believe”). Since God does not exist, religion is not about God. Organized religions take a whole bunch of human behaviors and try to gather them under one bureaucracy, to varying degrees of success. Were it not for religion, we would nevertheless gather together to sing and hear music, set aside days togather with our friends and family, set aside days to mark the passing of the seasons, and, in high latitudes, where this weather is bleak and depressing, we would gather together to cheer ourselves up.

        We would be doing all these things without reference to the “virgin birth” (what a joke!) or having to shell out for stupid crap nobody wants but there would be some other theme that might be annoying and lots of arbitrary rules about how one does this or that because… people.

  5. Here is a valid point that the Grinch made: NOISE NOISE NOISE
    Why can’t people just quietly and personally celebrate Christmas instead of ANNOUNCING IT TO THE WHOLE DAMN WOLRD with irritating lights and singing? If I ever have a group of carolers on my door step singing I’m going to give them my holiday spirit made out of lead and being fired at 723 meters per second straight at their skulls!

    • misteromalley says:

      thhey start the bs far too soon,most do it out of force of habit and arent that serious about nit i know one woman confined to a wheelchair her nieces nephews pressing 4 stuff that she really cant afford she needs to talk with her family the whole thing to me is a forced obligation if you dont like someone dont pretend u do xmasfatigue leads to winter burnout also radio same songs day after day 4 a month enough is enough

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should start calling Christmas idiots on parademas or forgetitmas. Kinda sucks that families avoid each other during the holidays, spend hours frettng if they should, or if they shouldn’t get someone a gift ,or what should they buy for someone which causes anxiety, insecurity, and frustration. In some cases fear, anger, and even worse depression are onset from the Christmas holiday. The holidays truly do heighten the tensions within families and a persons stress meter. That’s why people want to avoid the holiday. Avoid the conflict and rock back a few glasses/ or shots of Holiday cheer. Maybe if we all learn to really truly forgive one another or our families we can then be free and move on from the christmas blues. Truly a sad holiday for most and a reminder that there are so many unfortunate people and that we have so much to be really thankful for. Isn’t that what Thanksgivng is for…to be thankful for what you do have and not focus on what you don’t have? I used to enjoy Christmas, but now it has been relegated to nothing more than a commercial after thought. Cute for kids, sickening to most adults. Why do people buy into the fantasy of this estranged holiday? My good friend taught me a very valuable lesson where Christmas in their family is jusy getting together and eating a holiday meal. They don’t worry about gifting just being there is enough. Eat laugh and have a good time. Simply refreshing! Seems comletely normal to me, and now I have started to enjoy Christmas again. Simple, easy, no stress…..just relax and let it go. You make it what you want to make it. It’s up to you. Cheers

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you. You know what I want for Christmas, my bills paid and a meal – that’s it, well maybe some vacation time would be nice to relax. I am so sick of the spend, spend, buy, buy and max out your freaking credit cards, take out loans go in debt what the heck – right!?

      It’s not about spending money for crying out loud and the stress pushed on to us by commercials and tradition is sickening, why so many are so far in debt! I decided years ago I was done with the commercialized Christmas, it’s about being together and spending time with your loved ones hopefully you have some. I know for me, I lost my fiancé a year and half ago, so I have mixed emotions on the whole deal.

  7. Trev says:

    It’s the same bs year after year. They put the lights up around town. You have a stupid parade where people dress up like shephards, wise men, and god himself all decked out in his crib with angels singing him praises. You’re told by big business that if you truly love her you’ll buy her this gold necklace or ring. You don’t want your kids to feel left out, so you have to compete with the neighbors to make sure they get some cool toys. The music never changes really, just the people singing it. I can’t get jingle bells out of my damn head and it’s driving me insane. It’s the most stressful holiday by far. You try to go out to shop and you’re confronted by a thousand other dummies who all have the same thing in mind, get that deal. You drive around the Wal-mart parking lot for 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, only to find out, there are none, so you wait and wait and wait. Finally, you find one way in the back, so now you’re walking 5 minutes to get inside the store. Once inside you have to fight your way through the crowd just to get from one isle to the next. Betty Jo and her friend Margaret Sue are conversing in isle 9, unaware that anyone else exists. All the while you’re standing there with a thumb up your ass, waiting for them to finish, not wanting to be rude. You get your shit, head back to the front to pay for it, and then realize you’re really in for it now. The lines are long and there are hardly enough people to work the registers. Finally, you get it all paid for and you’re out the door. You rush home, unload the car, and then comes the fun part. It’s now time to wrap those presents. You spent $30 on wrapping paper, $5 on tape, and countless hours wrapping a bunch of f’ing presents that will be unwrapped within a second’s time. You’ve wasted hours of your free time on tasks that are completely meaningless. Now, all the presents are opened and you have a huge pile of paper, ribbons, and name tags littering your floor, not to mention the boxes the shit came in. So, you spend 30 minutes picking it all up, throwing it into trash bags and then it’s off to the dump. You just wasted your time and money. Was it worth it? To add to the stress (for most I would assume) you end up trying to please everyone by visiting your family. You have to go to your husband’s family’s house, then it’s off to your family’s house, then maybe to your grandparents, a work function, and god knows where else. By the time December 26th arrives you’re ready to work, to be done with Christmas. A year goes by and it’s a repeat, almost exactly the way it was the previous year. To me, this is all utter madness, yet I feel stuck in the samsaric wheel of the holiday circle, unable to get out of the cyclical hell. Shew, that was a vent! Merry f’ing Christmas ya’ll!

    • Wow! Those were exactly my thoughts. I didn’t think about wrapping the paper which will be unwrapped and thrown away in seconds. And all of this without considering the hundreds of families who need food and basic things . Merry Christmas….

    • Jillibeans says:

      That sounds like my Christmas. Are we masochistic or what? Why do we do this every year? I’m thinking of planning a trip with my hubby around this time of year every year to get away from it all. My families spend way too much time together throughout the year, anyway.

  8. Jillibeans says:

    I love your list, but every ‘I hate Christmas’ list I’ve seen doesn’t mention the frustration of splitting up time from this family, to the next, to the next, to the next. Especially if those families are families of divorce. Ugh! You spend the entire day running/eating/watching the kids open gifts/leaving to meet up with the next family member that was brave enough to take on the overwhelming task of hosting Christmas (don’t think I haven’t even considered that point of view, though my house is way too small to host Christmas so I have not been graced with that experience yet). All the while, your family is making you feel guiltily for not spending the whole day with them. Ugh! You’re either showing up too late or leaving too early.

  9. D says:

    Why so bitter? I don’t particularly like the commercial aspect of the holiday but I do enjoy time with family. And why would anyone go to Walmart and compete with the crowds? You can online shop with no stress. You can make this holiday a lot less stressful. And why are people here bitching about religious people and their celebration of the holiday? The Christian aspect has been hugely overshadowed by the commercial aspect. If you don’t like the Christian themes, then don’t attend.

  10. Hard Froze Sociological Snowman says:

    Have not celebrated Christmas in several years now. Not missing anything. Everything previously stated,,,,all true. Really all holidays have outlived their usefulness. In this age of digital mainstream and instant gratification and bliss, why wait for a calendar date or someone to give you what you want or already have or don’t need? We are obsolete in our view of the present world.

  11. scrooge says:

    I agree with everything except for green/red not matching. They are actually complementery colors… unless my art teacher lied to me all those years ago.

  12. Marty Schermann says:

    I grew up in a rather strict catholic family and endured all of the pain of catholic grade school, with church everyday, confession once a week, etc. Christmas was a monumental element of expression for my parents. For me as a young boy the twinkle of the lights on a 10 foot flocked Douglass fir in our living room was very intriguing, not to mention the presents for me and my siblings to carefully unwrap on Christmas morning, and then it was off to church for a long, boring, Christmas service. By the time I entered high school my inner atheistic beliefs were raging high. There was so much that I resented about the Catholic Church and my parent’s strict adherence to such irrational and hypocritical beliefs. I was positively influenced by some great teachers in high school that helped paved my way to a bright and successful career in college and in the working world. Mind you that I did not attend a catholic high school. I was adamant with my parents about this decision to go to a public high school. I’m 50 years old now and I’m a militant atheist. I don’t condemn others for their beliefs in a god(s) nor do I protest the celebration of the holidays. I don’t participate in holiday festivities, neither does my wife and son and his wife and children, but if they wanted to I wouldn’t object. Now if my wife had decided to enroll our son in a catholic school I would certainly have protested that decision because I know it would’ve caused my son harm like it did me. But my wife is an atheist too and we have much in common (thank goodness).

  13. cal wade says:

    christmas sucks because we made it suck. we damn fucked up the holiday with commercialism and greed. the damn fuckin’ pc dweebs also fucked up christmas by eliminating the very meaning of the holiday; the birth of jesus. it goddamn sucks when schools can no longer play christmas songs during winter concerts. i feel sorry for santa. why? because the pc police want him to give up his bowl full of jelly and his ho ho ho. i’m sure what damn sucks even more for santa is the fact he has to give gifts to all, good or bad. it doesn’t matter if a kid’s behavior sucks, they still get something under the tree anyway. if the pc dweebs want to get rid of jesus ; then i would love to see them try to eliminate the flag for the 4th of july. finally, christmas sucks because we don’t get the snow like we used to. i remember christmases when we got tons of snow. but now, since we goddamn fucked the planet, climate change has put an end to white christmases. if we’re gonna fuck up this holiday, then it might as well be banned.

    • Wow, you do realize that Christmas is celebrated in the southern hemisphere and that it’s summer time in December right, not to mention that a large part of the United States do not get snow in December.

  14. Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day…All commercialized holidays. And everyone who thinks that Jesus is about love and compassion should go back to reading the New Testament. And please don’t accuse me of cherry picking, because those who believe also cherry pick the Bible. And if a book is good and divinely inspired, then no amount of cherry picking could debunk it.

    Matthew 10:33-38King James Version (KJV)

    33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

    37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

    38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

  15. Lucky Joestar says:

    I’m from a French Canadian Catholic family myself, but I’m a negative Jainist, knowing from an early age that there’s no supreme being. I also never attended Catholic school, thankfully, only public schools. Anyhow, I’ve come to call this holiday Capitalistmas, a day for which retailers try to make you feel guilty for not going into debt buying landfill fodder for others. That and they torment you with the usual drivel playing over the store speakers all the way back to August. As for the pagan origins, we need to bring them back, since Yuletide was originally a day to sit around getting sloshed. I think even atheists can get on board with that!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Forgot another reason. Going into a store from Thanksgiving to New Years sucks. The whole thing, traffic, parking, crowed isles, out-of-order shelves, lines, etc. It is too time-consuming and like a rat race. I have not been to a mall in over 12 years but do shop online.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It sucks even more when you don’t have a wife and family to share it with. And many of us men aren’t single by choice.

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