I have made a list of phrases that are simply nonsense.  Here you go:


Silverware – it is not even made of silver, unless you live in a mansion,  it is actually aluminum or plastic.

Heart burn – not part of the heart, but the stomach, unless your heart lowered itself down your torso

Dry mouth- your mouth will never be dry, unless you are dead

Buffalo wings- since when do buffalos fly?

Dirty rice- if  this were the case, I would not eat it

Pretty ugly- which one is it?

Black coffee/white milk – unless you add something, their color is obvious

Slow down- what would be slowing up?

Stand up- as opposed to stand down?

Soft drink- it is liquid, period.

Dragon fly/ cat fish/ spider monkey- which one is it?

pair of pants- this is really just one

TV set – what else does this set have besides the TV itself?

hot fever – it would not be fever if it weren’t hot

hard water – again, it is liquid

Do you have any additional phrases that simply make no sense?

One thought on “Nonsense

  1. Tell that to english-speaking people …. they do not take their language literally. I used to know a Physics professor (from the USA) that (laughing) said to me: “We americans do not realize that, after you say ‘Thank you’, we answer ‘You are welcome ‘….. welcome to do what? No way …. ” and he continue his laughing.

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