We are truly alone.

alone I have been reflecting on this thought:  we are truly alone in this life.  Nobody truly understands what I feel.  Nobody truly understands what you are feeling.  All we can do is try our best to express ourselves with words which are limited themselves.  Nobody perceives the world exactly like I do.  We all have our own wishes, desires, fears, and goals, which nobody else can truly experience. We go through disappointments and joys, which only we can experience exactly the  way we do.   We celebrate being unique, yet we desire so much to adapt and conform.  We are not truly satisfied with life, because we are truly by ourselves.  And at the end of our lives, we depart the same way we came: alone.



7 thoughts on “We are truly alone.

  1. Well, it’s true we go through the birth canal alone, but, that’s after spending nine months in the body of a woman who has had the opportunity to fall in love with us. If we’re lucky, we find ourselves in her arms and in her heart for many years. If we are very fortunate, we also have a father standing by looking forward to our life in his family. If the members of any society valued their own offspring, they would make sure every child would find the love they need to mature. No one knows exactly when they will die naturally. Dying alone is real – dying without the presence of someone that cares must be the ultimate loneliness. It could be, there’s someone on the other side waiting … might be a good idea to get acquainted with the spiritual side of humanity – not just the biological. Just thinking …

  2. Yes we are alone …. in a sense …. No we are not alone …. we would not accept the companionship that would exists for us … Our inner world is really isolated … and if most of people would know how we really are they would not like to share that “world” …So we are really alone inside of us … and with someone else in this universe ….

  3. stillwater92 says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel!! But when I said this to my mum…she looked at me weirdly and said that I need to “live” in the world more…I live in my head most of the time (:P)
    I wish people in my life thought about things like this…conversation and dialogue would be far more interesting and stimulating!!

  4. mamali says:

    during days we always talk to ourselves (nonstop), but how many of these words we share to the others?,can we exactly explain what do we mind? . when we are sick, can anybody finds out how much pain we have? .Just time gives us the meaning of living.

  5. Ryan Anne Wells says:

    I agree with everything you wrote, because I feel the same way; in fact, I feel like I may as well have penned this article myself. But doesn’t the fact that I agree with you invalidate your claim? Two minds do not have to think 100% alike nor to have gone through the exact life experiences in order to feel the same way. We also don’t have to feel the same way all the time… Momentary connections, such as ours just now, are what we should realistically hope for out of life, don’t you think?

    • If we “feel the same way” , how do we know that for sure ? When I see and taste an apple , how can I truly describe it to you so that you can experience the exact thing? We come and leave this world alone. Our personal experiences are unique .

  6. imaraiwe says:

    I feel like we are in this massive video game alone. We are not alone but we suffer. And the creator of this video game watches us suffer because that’s how the game was designed. 😥

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