Slowing Down

When I am at a new place, or when I am traveling in an unfamiliar area, or when I meet a person for the first time, time tends to slow down.  When I am extremely nervous about something, and cannot think about anything else except what is making me nervous, time seems to slow down.  However, when I am familiar with the place I am at, or when I already know where I am going while driving down the road, or when I am meeting someone I already know, time goes so much faster.  This is because when we are not familiar with the environment, we tend to concentrate on what is new.  We study it, explore it, and appreciate it more.  When we are already familiarized with the situation, we take it for granted, and start thinking about other things, not paying attention to what is happening at the moment.

This explains why, when we get older, like from being a teenager to young adult, the years tend to go faster, the holidays go by faster, and the seasons just come and go.  It is simply because when we get older, we have more responsibilities, more worries, and more regrets about life. Therefore, our minds increasingly start racing faster and faster, and we are more preoccupied with things in our new adult lives, and we are distracted with all the worries and memories of our adult lives.  As children, we don’t have as many responsibilities, therefore we spend more time playing, watching TV, sleeping, and simply enjoying our childhood, which makes time seem slower.  As children, we live the present more, and appreciate the here and now.  As adults, we forget more about the here and now and tend to focus more on the past and the future, missing what is right in front of us: the present.  So as an adult, I am planning to try to “slow down” time by focusing on the present.  I am not going to simply forget about my responsibilities, but will focus more on what is in front of me: the present life.  Thinking about the past and the future is good, so that I can learn from the past and plan for the future.  But I will make the effort to concentrate more on what I have now so that I can live life the fullest.

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