There are many things we often take for granted that I stopped believing. For instance, I doubt we ever went to the moon. I don’t think we can rely on the government to help the poor.  I don’t believe the US is the world power anymore, or a Christian nation. I don’t believe anymore that God is up there in a distant heavenly place and punishes us with eternal hell. I don’t think we are alone in the universe. I don’t think sodas and fast food are safe to consume. I don’t believe time exists, or that history books can be trusted. Pyramids were probably not built by humans, neither were the recent crop circles.  I don’t think we will ever reach complete world peace, or that nations can ever unite. I don’t even believe everything we call reality is actually real, most of what we experience is an illusion.

What DO I still believe, you may ask??   Well, I still believe in the afterlife, and that ghosts or angels remain among us after the physical death.   I still believe that we can teach our children better how to have more peace, by emphasizing on communication, cooperation, and mercy.  I believe that we can help the poor by reaching out to our next door’s neighbor.  I believe we can improve our technology to help us unite more, rather than emphasizing on individualism and competition. I believe that here and today are the places and time to start thinking differently about the human race.

I am still learning and growing, keeping some beliefs, getting rid of some old assumptions, and having new beliefs.

9 thoughts on “Unbelief

  1. AnomalousThoughts says:

    If you’re not going to believe the things that scientists, historians or theologians spend their lives studying how can you believe anything at all. Are you telling me that you are smarter than the tens of thousands of scientist who say that it is possible, we are the only species in the universe. Are you smarter than all the archeologists who work to show the pyramids were built by humans? How many PhDs do you have exactly? How can you dismiss random things that you see fit? Do you believe in gravity? Being alive? Existing? Science isn’t a belief, it’s observation.

    • Perhaps you did not read my last sentence, which clearly says I am still learning. This means I am still evolving, as opposed to others who quickly conclude by reading a few lines. I don ‘t think myself smarter than anybody, I am simply expressing my opinion based on observation in my life. I doubt because I want to learn more. By the way, having a Ph D. does not make anybody smarter necessarily, simply more educated on a particular subject that may have its flaws. Peace.

  2. Hi Noel, just out of interest

    why don’t you believe the pyramids or recent crop circles were built by humans?

    and why do you believe in the afterlife, angels and ghosts?

    kind regards, Ryan 🙂

    • Ryan
      thanks for your questions… pyramids are highly sophisticated monuments that are found not only on Egypt, but also in Mexico. It is such a huge coincidence for these monuments to look so much alike in opposite sides of the world. I could be wrong, of course. Crop circles are, in my opinion, too complicated and sophisticated also to be created by people on the ground. Just look at some examples:

      People have created some of them, but it does not compare. I am not an anthropologist, or a historian, just an observer. I believe ghosts or spirits exist because there is so much more to learn and explore about our existence, that the possibility of supernatural beings to exist is still open. I have read a lot of stories about the afterlife. I suggest you read the book “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody. Also the new book “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander. I try not to believe in what I wish was real, but what makes sense and what evidence suggest.

      • To use Occam’s razor I think its probably more likely that the various pyramids over the world were made by humans, and this design runs through cultures due to human trade, religion, tr5adition and communication.

        Like the Great Wall they took lots of humans to build but that doesn’t negate that they were created by humans. We are forced to assume many more things otherwise.

        As a general rule, The possability that makes the fewest assumptions I think is the most likely.

        For an absurd example, I could assume that you are an alien, and that I’m therefore talking to an alien. This might be true, I cant prove it isin’t.

        But to assume this I would also need to make alot more assumptions.

        Its most likely you are a human being 🙂


      • Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

        Dr. Eben Alaxender was declared a fraud by Esquire Magazine’s investigative reporter Lucas Dietrich. He proved that Dr. Alexander’s “journey into heaven” was a product of delusions and hype. None of the stories meshed when Mr. Dietrich interviewed other medical personal when Dr. Alexander was a medical emergency. The skeptical debunkers; James Randi, Dr. Michael Schermer, etc. have proved over and over that the paranormal is bogus pseudoscience. James Randi has been offering $1,000,000 for decades to any so-called psychic who could prove his or her abilities via Randi’s scientific team. To date no one has beaten the challenge. Just google the felonious fake celebrity “psychic” Sylvia Browne. You’ll drop any belief in an afterlife when you read about that con.

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