This is Only a Test

This is Only a Test.  What we experience… what we fear… what we want, is all in our heads.  We don’t know anything for sure.  It is all a mystery.  Instead of accepting this fact, we tend to pretend we know, or simply live as if it does not matter.  But it is only a test.

Treat this life as if it is the only one.  Do not take it for granted. Learn from it.   Be honest with each other.  Treat others better. Make a difference in somebody’s life.  Spend more quality times with others. Because it is not about me, or you.  It is about everyone.  It is about exploring, experimenting, and taking risks.  If it does not kill you, it will make you stronger.  So go out there, and be brave enough to take this test called Life.

This is only a Test……

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