Honest Questions about Ourselves

Children learn by asking questions. They are curious about the world.  They actually make an honest attempt to learn about their surroundings to better themselves.  They help me think about the things that I usually take for granted.  For instance, my children ask questions like: “What makes it rain?” , “Who is in charge of our country?”  and “How does the GPS know where we are?”

In the same way, we learn by asking, questioning, researching, wondering.  If we do not, we will be stagnated in an immature state.  We will  not learn to love, to care, or to forgive.

We are insignificant beings, yet we are important and worthwhile.  But many times our worthiness becomes entitlement.

We enjoy to glorify ourselves through sports, businesses, politics, patriotism, religion, etc.  We eagerly try to exalt ourselves to a level higher than we really are.  We like to pretend we are the best, the greatest, the fastest.  We like to believe we live in the best country, follow the right religion, eat the best food, and believe the right principles.  But we are truly the last if we think the opposite.

This is why we have flags, shields, monuments, skyscrapers, brand name logos, etc, to help us exalt ourselves, and keep our egos fed.  But it is all an illusion, a fabricated sense of security.

What we need to do is stand back, and begin to learn and ask questions, because we don’t know everything, just like children do.  We are nothing close to what our egos want to present to the world.  We need to stop ourselves from trying to speed up our lives and ask honest questions about what and who we really are.

We are not the center of our lives, even if we try very hard to be.  We are truly no different from one another. We are all on the same boat.  I am no better than the other simply because others are different.  Like Mother Teresa once said, I would like to help other people of different points of view be  better in what they believe and do, such as helping the Muslim be a better Muslim, the Christian be a better Christian, the Buddhist be a better Buddhist, the Hindu be a better Hindu, and so forth, as long as each one of us have a genuine desire and mission to better others, not just ourselves.

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