We are all Delusional

We look at a map, and believe what we see.  We believe in the imaginary lines we have created in our heads which we think separate us from other countries, states, and nations.  The different cultures and countries are found within these lines which we call borders.  We go as far as creating wars because some people from the other side of the imaginary lines dare to cross it and “invade” us.

We also create imaginary roles and identities which are not real.  We call ourselves citizens, conservatives, idealist, experts, and other  terms which simply helps us to  feed our fabricated egos.  We choose to feel offended when others call us  names that are contrary to what our delusions have been, such as ignorant, hater, stupid, and “bad person”.

We enjoy our delusional personalities when we identify with our favorite sports team, political parties, religion, and profession. We act as if we really are who we erroneously believe we are.  We believe our favorite football team is the best, that our chosen political candidate should win the  next election, that our religion is the one true religion, and our profession is who we are.

We like to believe we are in control of our lives by pretending we are strong and untouchable.  We tend to say “fine” when people ask us how we are doing, even if the contrary is true.  We act like nothing is happening when everything is happening.  Days and months go by and we still act like the status quo is what really is.

Marriage should always succeed, jobs should never be lost, children should always learn what we have learned, wars are justifiable, drugs are bad, our fashion is the best one, and government takes good care of us.  All of these are delusions.

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