Take Off Your Clothes

Take off your clothes

Why do we wear so many clothes?  Why do we like to be covered so much? Is it to perform our special skills and attributes on the  stage we call Life?  Or is it to protect ourselves from the cold, heat, and the wind of insecurity and uncertainty?
We wear particular clothes to go to work: a tie, a nice necklace, shinny shoes, a nice dress.  All for what?  To present our facade of professionalism and expertise in whatever we choose to do.

We also wear specific clothes to go to social events, to go to church, to attend important meetings, and even to go to sporting events.  Every occasion has its corresponding type of clothing.  Every type of situation in life triggers a specific kind of defense mechanism.
The clothes we wear everyday serve as trophies and decorations that glorify us in many ways.  It shows the world the importance of what we do in life, it demonstrates our talents, our abilities, and our ambitions.  It shows the world how much money we have, how many people are under our supervision, how many years of experience we have, and how much do we know about the latest fashion.  It shows  everyone else our faiths, our values, and our attitudes.

We also sometimes wear hats, gloves, and oversize jackets to prevent any future harm.  It shows the world not to dare harm us anymore.  It protects us, it shows off our skills, and  it glorifies us.

What for?

Wouldn’t we be better off without all of these unnecessary layers?  Wouldn’t it be better if we are honest and let others see our weaknesses as well?

It simply proves how insecure we are. It shows how afraid we are of being vulnerable.  It depicts our fears. Our limitations.  We don’t dare show off our weaknesses.  We are afraid of disclosing the mistakes and the shortcomings we so much regret.  We rather want to be regarded as strong, limitless, and untouchable.  We rather pretend to be someone else.  So we keep wearing clothes.

We also shave, put on make up, comb our hairs, and cut our nails to present to the world that we are in control and we are taking care of ourselves.  But, are we really?  What about our greed?  What about our hatred towards others?  What about the selfishness and the pride that poison our souls everyday?  We don’t get rid of these, because they are underneath our clothes.  They are hidden under the protection of our egos.  They keep us convinced that we are strong.  So we keep putting on our clothes.

I think we should reconsider this behavior.  We should be honest with ourselves and others, and stop pretending to be someone we are not.  We should start taking off the masks, the decorations, and all the layers that we always wear so that we can fit in.  We should start taking off our clothes.


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