For some unknown reason, I have been feeling irritated and easily frustrated.  Almost every little thing would trigger a deep sigh or a complain.  It has been an uncomfortable  week.  And I feel guilty because there are so many things that I should be thankful for.  I have been complaining about the littlest thing, such as the paper jam in the printer, the pen falling to the floor, or the coffee being too cold.  I mean, I sound sometimes like a grumpy old man, and I am only in my 30s. God forbid that something major does happen.  How would I respond then?  I really don’t want to know. I wake up in the morning and my first thought is “Back to reality….” instead of being thankful for a new day or a new opportunity to do things better.

I need to learn how to relax.  I need to take things lightly.  The funny thing is that, being a counselor myself, I encourage my clients to do what I also need to do.  Why can’t I apply what I teach? I have done yoga, exercise, and watching movies.  I guess my job may be taking a lot of my peace of mind.    Don’t know for sure.  Any other ideas on how I can relax and stop complaining so much?

2 thoughts on “Irritated

  1. Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

    By and large the most affected people on this planet are believers in some god. Atheists like myself are very critical thinkers. We know the truth. Knowing what we do it makes life more pleasurable in knowing that these is no such thing as a conscience, no such thing as true guilt and no human spirit. Life’s a bitch for us all. But, accept what you’ve got because when it’s over, lights out. As Professor Steven Hawking was quoted in a London newspaper, “Our brains are like computers. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers. It’s just a fairy story for those who are afraid of the dark.” Live big, live loud and don’t stop until it’s over.

    • Thanks for commenting. It puzzles me how people like yourself say that they “know the truth” about the existence of the afterlife. The believers do the same thing. I prefer to acknowledge I don’t know anything for sure.

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