How much time in front of the Mirror?

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?  One minute? Five minutes?  Fifteen? An hour?

And why do we spend so much time in front of it?  Do we spend this time for what purpose? To look “good” and appealing? To make sure we present ourselves appropriately? To whom?

Do we spend this much time in front of each other?  Instead of trying to look “perfect” so that others can approve us, can we also try to be genuine so that others can accept us for just the way we are ?


Have we been ignoring the most important part of our lives?   It is not our looks, our clothes, or the facade that we use when we go into public settings.

It is simply the real self that we so much hide and protect under our facade.  The mirrors help us to keep our true selves hidden. I wonder if we would survive without mirrors.  I wonder if bathrooms would be used as much if they would not have mirrors.

Will we experience an apocalyptic crisis if all the mirrors in the world simply disappear? We would then have to face the fact that we are more than our looks.  We would then have to accept that we have a self inside of us that may be exposed.

We may finally learn to depend on each other for comfort, reassurance, and support instead of a metallic or glassy flat surface on the wall.

We might actually look at each other for who we really are, not who we want others to think we are.

A “mirrorless” world would bring honesty, better communication, more understanding of each other, and transparency.

Can you imagine this world without mirrors?

One thought on “How much time in front of the Mirror?

  1. Noelito, esto me recuerda que mi mami me decia que cuando ella nina no habian espejos en su tiempo… en su casa!!! Decia que la primera vez que ella se vio fue en un rio que pasaba cuando iba a la escuela. Dice que se sorprendio de ver aquella carita y darse cuenta que era muy bonita. Nunca se habia visto. Y se hayo preciosa. Asi es la vida. Que tiempos tan limpios aquellos! Mami

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