Which Idol have you worshiped today?

Which idol have you worshiped today?

Your favorite sports team? Your country?

Your profession? Your religion?

Your favorite brandname of clothes?

Your favorite TV or movie character?

How have you nourished your ego today?

By trying to prove your point and be “right”?

By making fun of others?

By showing off your looks?

By pretending to be smarter, stronger, and better than others?

By denying your faults?

Why do you continue to hide the real self, and keep building up walls around you?

What are you afraid of…?


One thought on “Which Idol have you worshiped today?

  1. Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

    Let’s see what do I idolize. Well, when I was a kid I used to idolize The Lone Ranger. Yep, I’m an old fart. When I was a teen I idolized Janis Joplin. I fantasized almost daily of getting some of her wet pussy! So who do I idolize now? I guess it would be a true hero like our President Barac Obama. I stand for everything President Obama stands for. He is a champion, a trouper, a man of honor, dignity and courage. North America suffers from a high percentage of truly dumb people, but thankfully there are many who are damn smart. President Obama is the most intelligent president ever.

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