Stop Loving So Much

Have you noticed how often people mention the word “love” in their everyday conversations?

They say things like “I love that movie!” or “I love this dress!”   We tend to say that we love those things we really like.  When we experience a very exciting situation, such as being on a roller coaster or going to the beach, we say we “loved” those moments.  Or we “love” our favorite kind of food.  We also “love” our favorite color or music.

Don’t we realize that we are using the wrong term?  We don’t really  love music, movies, or colors.  We can only love living beings!  We can only love people, animals, and plants.  Why is this? Because love is not based on how it can be convenient for us. Love is about benefiting others.   We love family members because we care about them and wish for them to be healthy and well. We love our pets because we take care of them.  We love plants for the same reason.

We don’t care for colors, music, and movies.  They just benefit us and give us pleasure.  So whatever gives us pleasure or is convenient, we simply like, not love.  Because, after all, love is a selfless act.

The living beings that we care about, and want to benefit, we truly love.

So… stop loving so much.

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