Thirty-nine and counting…..

Today I turn 39 years old.  My hair looks more gray.  My eyes look more tired and have more wrinkles.  I have lost a lot of strength.  My vision is also beginning to deteriorate.   I know, I know… turning 39 is not the same as turning 50.  But this post is not about how old I am beginning to feel.  It is  more about the birthdays themselves. 

The only people who have actually taken the initiative and effort to wish me happy birthday in person are my wife and children, and my mother.  Everyone else has done it through a more indirect source, particularly Facebook.  How convenient it is to wish someone to have a good day without having to pick up a phone or visit me .

But don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care about my birthday.  In actuality, it is just like any other day.  We create the notion of celebrating the day that we are born every time the earth orbits around the sun.  But that is ok.  I would rather celebrate life itself to the fullest every day of the year.  For some reason, people find it necessary or entertaining to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.  It makes us feel better about ourselves and helps us nourish our egos. But I am not a party pooper either.  I celebrate by children’s birthday every year as well.  I guess I have been part of the tradition.  But I recognize it is not the end of the world if one day everyone forgets the day in the calendar that I had the first breath.

When I turn 40 next year, I guess it will be a bigger deal. Simply because it is 40. We will see. Thanks for taking the time to read this random post.  Share you ideas if you wish.

3 thoughts on “Thirty-nine and counting…..

  1. Former Catholic Turned Atheist says:

    Ah, just wait until you’re officially middle age a year later. Yep, getting old sucks. I began feeling old when I was in my late thirties. The greying of my hair, the recession of my hair, the wrinkles, hormonal changes, etc. I’m actually beyond my middle years. Alright since you must know I’m 60:( Shit when I was 30 I often thought of getting old, but I never knew how fucking fast those years advance! WHEW! They go so damn fast. When you’re in your teens and early twenties you think time stands still. Noway Jose! We live for a such a mere moment of time it suck donkey balls that human life lasts a mere flash of time. In a very short ten or so years I’ll probably be dead. No more. So at 39 years of age that 39 will so quickly advance to 49, 59, 69 so fucking fast you won’t know what happened. Just accept it you’re getting old. No longer that 16 year old kid with the 24 hour erection on stage plucking his bass guitar. Isn’t life a bitch!

    • Life is what we make of it. It all depends on what we choose to focus on. It is difficult when circumstances are challenging, but not impossible. After 39, I will try to live more in the moment and not so much on other things, which makes time seem to go faster.

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