What Death Teaches Us: 5 Important Things We Often Forget

This is a wonderful post by Anastasia, which teaches us (and reminds us) about taking the time to value and appreciate life as it comes. I have also lost some family members in the past, and the last one was my uncle, who lost his battle with lung cancer about two years ago. We need to live in the present moment and spend quality time with those we love. Enjoy this post….

Anastasia Life Coaching


One of my two beloved Grannies died yesterday and today we had a funeral. It was really hard to be there and understand clearly that she’s gone and is never coming back. I cried myself to sleep yesterday, but today was doing my best to pretend calm and strong – just to support my relatives. I know that my tears can’t change anything, another close and important person joined the majority, and once again it makes me think about the lessons of Death:

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