Things that should’ve been obsolete by now…

I have concluded in this life that there are various things that we use on a regular basis which, in my opinion, should be abolished once and for all. We are evolving beings who have developed a greater degree of intelligence and have scientifically discovered a lot of things that we did not know when they were first introduced.  The following are a short list of things that should only be found in our history books:

Gasoline: because it simply pollutes our environment.  There are definitely more healthy and environment friendly kinds of energy that will help of do the same things we do with petroleum.

Tobacco (of any kind): well, because it is simply a killer; one of the hardest addictions to get rid of.  And because it makes people smell bad. 

Soda drinks:  because there are around 6 spoons of sugar in every can of soda.   Plus you can clean a car battery by simply pouring some of this drink on its terminals.  (imagine what it does to our bodies)

Organized religion:  This is one of my favorite ones because religion is a big, old lie.  It is an organization based on human’s attempt to understand and manipulate the “unknown” by controlling other people’s lives.  It is not the same as spirituality. It is not a way to know the real God.  It is strictly man-made and self-destructive.

Nationalism/patriotism:  This is another ideology which helps to manifest people’s desire to belong to a group.  Identifying ourselves with a particular nation, culture, race, or ethnicity simply separates us as human beings.  It creates hatred, discrimination, segregation, and wars.  It is often used to justify our perceived “superiority” over other nations.  It is time to simply unite more as one group of people to help prevent all the catastrophes that we create by simply separating each other by our identified nationalism.

Can you  name other areas in our society that should have been obsolete by now?

One thought on “Things that should’ve been obsolete by now…

  1. i have often wondered about the fact that we are evolving beings yet, psychologically it seems that we haven’t much evolved at all. Greed, conflict, war, division.. have we evolved in these matters, at all?

    Tobacco is an interesting one you have included. Tobacco itself isn’t harmful at all, but when you combine it with the diet of our culture (soda, being one example) and the chemicals with most forms that tobacco is sold, it does become a poison, a killer. For example, pre-European Native Americans didn’t use tobacco as a personal-pleasure activity; rather, for community rituals or ceremonies. It isn’t until you introduce the additives and other uses of tobacco that it becomes the plant itself becomes unhealthy.

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