Is the end near?

Is the end near? I cannot help to wonder if this world is coming to an end.  Seriously. There are way too many disasters happening in this world. To name a few:

  • Ebola
  • ISIS
  • School shootings
  • Natural disasters

I watch the news and become almost depressed. Are we losing control of our lives? We are progressing in some social areas, such as being less discriminatory, more inclusive, and more charitable.   But it appears that there are other areas in the world where people are just killing each other like barbarians.

Extremism and Nationalism seem to be the culprit in a lot of the battles that we hear about.  Terrorists torture and execute innocent people and proudly expose their horrible actions to the rest of the world.   Diseases are becoming almost unstoppable and more contagious, claiming thousands of lives.  Young people choose to cause massacres instead of effectively manage their psychological problems.  Storms continue to destroy communities as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Religious fanatics would claim that the supposed prophecies of the end of times are  being manifested.  And sometimes this claim seems to make perfect sense. I used to believe in the end of times. I have moved away from this way of thinking. But sometimes I feel tempted to think that there may be some truth in these claims.
Are we making “God” angry? Are we just experiencing the same amount of disasters that we have had, except that we have more sophisticated technology that allows us to be more aware of happens in the world? Or are we just experiencing a phase in our global community where we will learn from and become better human beings?  Will it get worse before it gets any better?

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