15 Toxic Beliefs You Should Give Up to Be Happy | The Mind Unleashed

Here is an article that I thought would impact many readers, like it impacted me. I specially appreciate # 7 and #15. I often think life is “cruel”, but I acknowledge that I say that because I have not learned to accept it as it is. Once I accept and observe life the way it is, without resistance, then I will experience true peace. I also tend to think that “I am alone” but in reality, we can all choose to reach out and be with others.
Enjoy the reading.

farewell to daylight

This is a great article and so spot on. I think that we can all agree that there are probably at least a few things on this list that apply to our lives. Remembering 15 thought patterns you should eliminate from your daily routine is a bit overwhelming, so don’t try. I intend on picking one or two things each day to focus my attention on, trying to remain mindful of my thoughts so that I can diffuse and deflect those that perpetuate toxic beliefs. The less fuel that a toxic belief is given, the less power it has over us and, eventually, it collapses on itself and leaves room for positive affirmation. By choosing to give our thought energy to these affirmations and not the precursors to yet another toxic belief, we are allowing ourselves to grow into an acceptance and love of who we truly are; this is a…

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