I Hate those Circles

I have gone through this experience for way too many times, I had to write about it.

How many times has this happened to you?  You are  driving down the road, calm and collected.   Suddenly you arrive at one of those circled round about where two roads meet in an intersection.   Ok, so my understanding is that the first person to arrive has the right of way.  Or the car that is already in the circle  has the right of way.  Right?  Not exactly.  People continue to enter the circle even if they are the second, third, or fourth car in line.  This really pisses me off to be honest with you.

If I approach the circle and someone arrives first or is already in it, I will certainly let them continue to enter and drive away.  But if I am the first one to arrive, why do other cars continue to enter the circle, and drive around the circle and continue their merry ways?  Why can’t people obey traffic rules, and avoid causing an accident?

This is not to mention when pedestrians also cross the road without looking, either because they are texting or simply day dreaming, as if they own the road.  And also the motorcyclists who cut me off without making the turn signal and driving off in extreme high speed.

Didn’t mean to sound negative or nagging.  Just needed to get if off my chest.  Thanks for reading.



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