What is this Blog about anyways?

I consider myself an artist,  writer, minimalist, philosopher, and  skeptic.  I love the beach and listening to salsa music.   I am inspired by the immensity of this universe.  I believe in service, mercy, forgiveness and peace.

This is one of my few blogs that I have tried to update on a regular basis.  This one in particular is about being honest with ourselves, which is why it is called “Let us be Frank.”

It was originally designed to follow the story of a fictional cartoon character I created many years ago.  He is a humble, and honest individual named “Frank.”   You can see some of his comic strips in the Art and More page.

While the other blogs are more spiritual and philosophical in nature, “Let us be Frank” includes random posts about my everyday life and thoughts.   This  blog is meant to have  more  of a “down to earth” atmosphere.  It will have posts about my personal life and thoughts about society and more.

This is what this Blog is all about.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “What is this Blog about anyways?

  1. I just happened on this other blog from your other blog. I like it – I’m a very deep sensitive and contemplative person too – some have tried to label us as ‘self absorbent’ but I heartily disagree and do not like to be judged for thinking about things long and hard. Unfortunately, it is us deep sensitive ones that tend to get hurt often – but I figure if I hurt deeply it is also because I love deeply. It doesn’t make it okay – but somehow it helps. Keep up the great writing!

    • Cindy, I enjoy your comments and responses. I never thought I could have a friend through blogging. Thank you for your kind words. God bless you.

  2. Yes….our blogs are very similar in purpose. That is awesome. I am glad to see someone else being courageous enough to show their true self. It is beauty and art, light and shadow, triumph and failure…..truth.

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