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I am a person who has realized that the teachings of Jesus are centralized in the genuine care and service of others. I have evolved from fundamentalism to a moderate spiritual approach. I am a reflecting person who has grown to not fear doubt but to embrace it as a means to growth and increasing closeness to God.

Can I have Sunlight with that vacation please?: Family time with a bit of cool weather 

Ahh…! Spring break …. The trees are greener… The birds are singing. The temperature is rising . The flowers are blooming…. And the pollen is invading every single one of our nostrils causing  sneezes and coughs… And our cars look green too.

But I am not complaining… The family and I are enjoying a three day vacation (finally) in a hotel right at the Beach. The following is our experience so far…:

Day one: we arrive at the hotel .. The sky looks grey… With a little bit of blue here and there.. Temperatures are  in the 70s. Not bad for spring .. The kids brought surfing boards (they don’t really surf), beach balls, and tools to make sand castles .   We are planning to stay at the beach most of the time .  Once we go in the room .. It starts raining.   I am thinking “Ok… Good for the flowers and the grass.”  After the rain , it is too dark and cold (60s now) to go walk at the beach … So we go buy pizza and a little bit of groceries and bring it back to hotel room.  No microwave in the room so we have to eat fast before pizza gets too cold. But everything else is good, so far.

Day two : We wake up and it feels like 6:00 in the morning , but it’s actually almost 9 o’clock! So we run downstairs to eat breakfast in hotel’s lobby before they close at 10  am.   No sunlight yet… It is 63 degrees outside. Not too bad, but no time for beach yet.  We go back upstairs and just relax.  At noon we go to the beach to test the environment.. Still too cold and windy .. A few people  are walking on the sand . Three guys trying to fly a kite that literally hits me two times because they obviously cannot control it , but I politely return the kite to them . Pool area is empty.    My wife and I cannot stand the cold wind anymore and head back to room with kids.

 After a long nap, we go back outside to eat dinner.  We find a nice restaurant close by, and , voila! there is a perfect new park right across the street  and right at the beach too !  So after linner (lunch and dinner) , we spend time at this park.  Sky is still cloudy and wind is cool. Upon returning to hotel , my son wants to return to beach , to play some soccer with him at an almost empty beach.. The wind kept pushing the ball toward the ocean, but my son is fast enough to get it. Tomorrow should be warmer and sunnier … Wish us luck….!

Day three: We got up to eat breakfast and the sky was still grey. But I saw some sunlight around 10 am . !! We went running to the beach and spent time under the sun for about four hours .   We finally got some beach time as a family.    We may continue tomorrow even after checking out of the hotel.!!

Sick of being Sick


I have bimageeen fighting something nasty for the last three days.. First I thought it was allergies.  Then I started getting chills at night.  And now  I’m just feeling like I am in a fog.   I take all kinds of medication.. They don’t seem to help much.

But I shouldn’t complain… A few days ago another one of  my uncles passed away (I have three gone already ).  I was not close to him at all, but my father was.   I just spoke with my father about him.   He said “he was younger than me,  yet he was gone first.”

I cannot help to think of the day that my father passes too.  I have been trying to accept it without getting too emotional.   But the day will come… it is inevitable.  And so will be the day that I am gone and every family member that I know … Because we’re not eternal.

So,  sick or not,  I will simply live this day.   Without complaining.  I may recover tomorrow.  Who knows?

What do you think?


The Adventures of a Modern Public Restroom

I wanted to share a long time ago the experience that I sometimes have with these interesting modern restrooms, which  have new convenient features.  I decided to put it in a story form.  Here you go:

I enter urgently into the public restroom, which has a small metallic sign on the door of a stick figure.  The other room has a female version of the stick figure.  As I walk pass the multiple sinks, they sense my presence and start pouring water by themselves, one by one.  I approach the toilet stall , enter, close the door,  and comfortably sit on the toilet seat.  I have the option of using the seat covers, but I am in too much of a hurry to use them.  I finish relieving myself and stand up and pull up my pants (after wiping, of course).  I turn to flush the toilet, but there is no handle.  I wait patiently for the toilet to also sense my presence and start flushing by itself.  But it doesn’t.  I patiently keep waiting, sometimes waving my hand from side to side in front of the toilet so that its sensor can depict my presence and do its job.  I look at the waste I had just deposited in the toilet’s bowl, hoping it would disappear soon under the violent rush of water during the flush and into the underground pipes.  Nothing.

I decide to exit the toilet stall and approach one of the sinks.  I can hear the toilet flushing in the distance.  I wave my hand in front of the sink,  and water starts pouring out of the faucet.   But it suddenly stops once I put my hands under the faucet.  I wave my hands again and water comes out again.  While my hands feel the cold water pouring over them, I reach out with my right hand for the soap.  I hold my hand under the soap dispenser, but nothing comes out.  I suddenly realize that, unlike the toilet and the sink, the soap dispenser does not have a sensor.  Therefore, I have to actually touch and push the button that says “push” and a foamy, white substance comes out of it on my hand.

I rub my hands while I continue to wash them.  I remove the hands from the sink, but the water continues to run.  I put my hands under the faucet again to rinse my hands one more time, but the faucet decides to stop pouring water this time, so I don’t get a last rinse of water.

I turn towards the hand dryer on the wall, since there is no paper towel dispenser on sight.  I put my hands under the hand dryer dispenser, and a strong, violent gush of hot hair comes rushing down against my wet hands.  I suddenly picture myself jumping out of a flying airplane and feeling this same rush of air towards my hands and my whole body.  My hands are completely dried in a matter of seconds.

Voila!  I exit the modern restroom with a great sense of accomplishment!  How convenient these modern restrooms can be!

(I think the lights turn off by themselves once I leave the restroom as well . )

Excuse my French

I have been thinking about this lately.

When you are going to curse and you say : “Excuse my French” prior to cursing, that means you can actually STOP yourself from cursing.

But if it slips your mouth and you curse first, then it makes more sense to excuse yourself afterwards.     I suggest you don’t say “excuse my French ” and then curse .   Because if you can pause to excuse yourself, you might as well take the opportunity to change how you choose your words.

Here is an idea: If you are going to excuse yourself first, just don’t curse at all.

I Hate those Circles

I have gone through this experience for way too many times, I had to write about it.

How many times has this happened to you?  You are  driving down the road, calm and collected.   Suddenly you arrive at one of those circled round about where two roads meet in an intersection.   Ok, so my understanding is that the first person to arrive has the right of way.  Or the car that is already in the circle  has the right of way.  Right?  Not exactly.  People continue to enter the circle even if they are the second, third, or fourth car in line.  This really pisses me off to be honest with you.

If I approach the circle and someone arrives first or is already in it, I will certainly let them continue to enter and drive away.  But if I am the first one to arrive, why do other cars continue to enter the circle, and drive around the circle and continue their merry ways?  Why can’t people obey traffic rules, and avoid causing an accident?

This is not to mention when pedestrians also cross the road without looking, either because they are texting or simply day dreaming, as if they own the road.  And also the motorcyclists who cut me off without making the turn signal and driving off in extreme high speed.

Didn’t mean to sound negative or nagging.  Just needed to get if off my chest.  Thanks for reading.



15 Toxic Beliefs You Should Give Up to Be Happy | The Mind Unleashed


Here is an article that I thought would impact many readers, like it impacted me. I specially appreciate # 7 and #15. I often think life is “cruel”, but I acknowledge that I say that because I have not learned to accept it as it is. Once I accept and observe life the way it is, without resistance, then I will experience true peace. I also tend to think that “I am alone” but in reality, we can all choose to reach out and be with others.
Enjoy the reading.

Originally posted on farewell to daylight:

This is a great article and so spot on. I think that we can all agree that there are probably at least a few things on this list that apply to our lives. Remembering 15 thought patterns you should eliminate from your daily routine is a bit overwhelming, so don’t try. I intend on picking one or two things each day to focus my attention on, trying to remain mindful of my thoughts so that I can diffuse and deflect those that perpetuate toxic beliefs. The less fuel that a toxic belief is given, the less power it has over us and, eventually, it collapses on itself and leaves room for positive affirmation. By choosing to give our thought energy to these affirmations and not the precursors to yet another toxic belief, we are allowing ourselves to grow into an acceptance and love of who we truly are; this is a…

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Some drawings to share….

Just wanted to share some of the drawings I have done on my new journal.  Each drawing has a message for the reader.  I will share more as I complete others.  Feel free to critique and comment.

This one represents the struggle I have experienced between the traditional, religious and rigid way of thinking, versus the inclusive, spiritual, and free way of thinking. Notice that the right side has plenty of space, which is the emptiness I needed to grow.


“Voices of Mental Illness” represents the torment that some people with this disease go through.


This is my first work on the journal. It speaks for itself.


This is the latest drawing on the journal. I started with simply the face…. then I decided to add the figure on the left.