I have been bombarded with media and advertisement.

People  are always trying to persuade me to accept their views or products.

“Buy this!” “Eat that!” “You will never go back again!”

“You’ll love it!”  “Switch to us!””Blah, blah, blah…!”

When I drive down the highway, all I see are billboards with various messages.

They are about persuading me to buy their products, go to their amusement park, attend their church, go on that vacation, or rent the billboard itself.

I am surprised there aren’t more accidents because of people being distracted by these manipulative billboards.  They are overwhelming and annoying.  It is almost as if we would bore to death if we did not have these “entertainments”.

When I turn on the TV it’s the same story.  Advertisements almost come jumping out of the TV and into my living room.  It is truly outrageous how much persuasion there is in the media and outside on the road.  It is appalling how much it is allowed for these companies, organizations, and groups to distract us with their coercion and selfish agendas.

And the sad part about it is that for many people, this kind of persuasion actually works.

But it doesn’t stop there.   During elections, politicians don’t rest from trying to brainwash us about their political affiliation. It is overwhelming to see people standing in the corner of streets with their colorful signs and posters.

Vote for him!  Vote for her!  Vote for liberty! Vote for lower taxes!  Vote, Vote, Vote!

I wish it would stop.  I wish I had the freedom to choose what I want without the

constant manipulation and coercion of the companies, churches, politicians, and

everybody who is desperate to get my attention so that they can get into my pocket.

The beauty of it is that I think I actually have the freedom to think independently.  I actually have the liberty to pick and choose my own decisions.  I can truly ignore all the manipulation that bombards me.

So my approach would be to simply say “Whatever..!” and keep up with my business.  This does not include the advise and suggestions that some honest people can actually give to me because they genuinely care about my situation.  I would rather say “Whatever…!” to every selfish, coercive, and superficial source that tries to persuade me into accepting their product, values, customs, and way of life.