Alien Invasion

“War of the Worlds”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “The Blob”, “Independence Day”, “Arrival”, “Mars Attacks”, “Battle: Los Angeles”,” V” ,  “Signs”, “AVP”, “Men in Black”, “The Invasion”, “The X Files” “Cloverfield”, “Transformers”, and the list goes on and on. What do these films have in common? Alien invasion. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that Hollywood, and all of us who like watching these kinds of movies, are attracted to the possibility of one day being visited by extraterrestrial beings, and not only being visited, be victims of an attack beyond what we, as human beings, have ever experienced. Why? What is the reason that we are so attracted to this kind of global disaster? It is almost as if we wish we are attacked by something beyond our technology. It almost seems as if we are not content with the stories that we can create about life here on earth, but want other beingsIndependenceDay to come and destroy us all. Aren’t we satisfied with who we are? Are we that bad, that we wish for something to come crashing down from the sky and vaporize us all?

Of course, in all of these movies, we fight back and end up winning. But the aliens continue to come!! There is no end to it! And I haven’t even mentioned other kinds of humankind extinction threats also found in Hollywood,  such as natural disasters (“2012”), spiritual raptures (“Left Behind”), and computers taking over the world (“Terminator”). It is amazing how much we want to imagine being snatched out of existence.

And at the same time, we don’t grow anymore as a community.    We continue to fight each other, to distant each other, to compete with one another.  Maybe it is a good idea if aliens come and wipe us all up and teach us a lesson. But seriously speaking, what is up with our ways of communicating with each other?  Are we ever going to learn to accept our differences, fight for equality, and give a helping hand to those in need?  We have a serious problem with communication, which can explain the wars that we endure.  We fear each other so much, that we close the door behind us when we go home.  We want to avoid personal contact so much that we are obsessed with using computerized social networks.  We all need to heal from our tendency to defend ourselves from each other.  We need to stop fearing being rejected by others, and be brave enough to communicate.  We might agree with improving our communication, but then we get up in the morning, go about our business, clock in and out, and go back to our homes, without making the effort of genuinely and honestly reaching out to others.  It is pathetic.  No wonder we dream of a world where aliens come and clean this planet up.  WarofWorlds