We’re entering a new generation where wearing a mask will become the norm. I think they will even become part of the fashion lifestyle. They will probably come in different shapes, colors, and styles as part of our common daily dress code. Probably will be as common as wearing sunglasses or makeup on your face.

Gloves will also be part of our daily lives. They too may come in different shapes, colors, and styles. And they will not be wore only during cold weather. 

We will be living a society where there will be a high demand on masks. They may also come to include goggles to cover our eyes as well. Hats and special protective clothing can also become a new demand.

It may also be required by law to wear masks in public and people may be fined if they do not comply. Coughing and sneezing in public without covering our mouths will become illegal. Shaking hands and hugging will also be forbidden. There may be a new law to limit social gatherings to a limited number of people. It will seem like a totalitarian society.

Even if the pandemic is mostly over , we as a species have been traumatized and marked so deeply by this global crisis, that our human lives will never be same. Even our language will begin to change.

And wearing masks everyday will be our new norm. What do you think?

Our Destiny

I wake up from a dream… or a comma. I am in a hospital bed. The room feels cold. There is a big window on my right. Sunlight is shinning and giving the room a peaceful atmosphere.
I noticed that the nurses and doctors around me look different… they don’t seem normal. I try to adjust my vision. Oh…wait! they are not even humans! They are actually machines. They look like humans. They move and walk like humans. I am scared! But at the same time I am curious. Another figure comes to the room. This one looks more real… more human.
“Hello… my name is Dr. Smith” she smiles. “How are you feeling?”
I stare at her… studying her face.
“Don’t worry, you are safe here.. ” the doctor assures. She looks young, maybe in her thirties. Long brown hair, and brown skin.
“Where am I..?” I ask puzzled, looking around at the standing machines that resemble humans.
“You are at the hospital…” answers the friendly doctor. “You suffered a car accident and went into a comma. ”
“For how long… I ask, not sure if I want to know the answer.
“Ten years…” answers the doctor with a more serious expression.
“You are kidding me… right?” I am petrified.
“We have been monitoring you all these years… and you finally came through.” answers the doctor. “We are excited that you recovered consciousness.!”
I look around again at the other standing figures. They look metallic, with wires coming in and out of their bodies. One of them has a flat screen, like a computer screen, for a head.
“These are our MAMMs... they are harmless…:” explains the doctor.
“MAMMs..?’ I ask.
Medical Assistant and Monitoring Machines … they help us with vital signs, transporting, and companionship,” the doctor continues to explain. “They are our latest technological advances in the medical field.
I notice that the doctor is wearing a strange looking headphone. He suddenly pulls a thin set of goggles from behind her head to her nose to see through them.
“Your blood pressure and sugar level look fine for now. We will continue to monitor them. You are feeling cold, though, so I will have the MAMMs adjust the room temperature. You also seem to be hungry, is that correct.?”
How did she know? I ask myself. The doctor then leaves the room and leaves me alone in my bed with these strange looking machines. They beep and have lights that flashes. One of them speaks.
“We will give you food in approximately ten minutes…” it sounded human. It was actually a nurse that appeared on the screen of one of the standing machines.
After the meal, I am escorted by one of the machines to the hospital patio on a power chair. The chair also seems to have its own “personality.” It has a small screen on one of the sides that continuously checks my pulse.  I finally breath fresh air.  It is a bright, crisp morning.
I look around and see both real people and MAMMs walking around. Some of the people are eating lunch at tables. Others are simply siting down. But they all are wearing the same kind of goggles that the doctor was wearing. They don’t seem to notice my presence. I don’t recognize any of them.  Some of them are talking, but they don’t seem to be talking to anyone.  They seem to be clueless of what is happening around them.

I finally leave the hospital premises and try to catch a taxi driver.  There are none in sight.  So I start walking. I don’t recall any of my family members.  So I don’t have a place to go.  There are people everywhere. And they are all wearing the same goggles.  There are some machines walking around as well.  Nobody talks or communicate to each other.  It is hard to even distinguish between the humans and the walking machines.  I decide to approach and ask one of the standing pedestrians about my location.

“Excuse me…!” the lady is startled.  She looks at me as if she is seeing a ghost. Then she looks away and continues to ignore me.  Her goggles are a metallic purplish color.

“Excuse me… may I ask you a question. Where is the nearest hotel?” I insist.

The lady looks at me puzzled. “Are you talking to me..?” she asks. She seems to be in her late forties, African American, professionally dressed. Her makeup is bright and excessive. She also seems to be uncomfortable with my presence.

“Well yes I am… can you tell me where is the nearest  hotel.?” I ask again, keeping my distance.

“Hold on!” she says with an attitude. She takes a real close look at me in amazement.  Then she looks away as if looking into space.  She puts her right hand to the side of her head, as if pressing her ear, and utters, “Nearest hotels…”  A few seconds pass, and then she looks back at me and says, “There are three hotels off of 3rd avenue down the road, about a couple of blocks away.  There are like five more on 5th avenue and two on Main street.” she points with her right index finger as she speaks.

“Thanks..” I respond. “How did you figure it out so quick?” I ask her.

“Well… my ‘Igles’, of course!,” answers the lady. She pronounced it, “eye-gls.”

Igles?…What is that?” I ask.

The lady laughs hysterically .  “Where have you been, young man?” asks the lady in a condescending tone of voice. “Have you been living in a cave or something ?” she asks cynically.

“I have been in a comma, ma’am..” I say.

She laughs again.  She does not believe me.  The lady then repeats again, “These are ‘Igles’.  Intelligent Goggles. Get it?” she continues her condescending tone of voice. “Any other questions..?” she asks.

“No …. thank you.”

She then walks away. I notice she puts her right hand on her ear, and  starts talking again, but there is no one around her. She begins a conversation… with nobody.  “You won’t believe who I just happen to meet on the street….!” I could hear her saying as she continues to walk away.

I look around me.  Everyone is doing the same thing.  Adults and children.   Even people driving in their cars are wearing the same goggles.  Did these goggles replace the cell phones?   I look up at some of the billboards that seem to be floating in the air next to the skyscrapers.  One of the billboards is advertising the next generation of communication technology: “I-lenses”.  Does that stand for “Intelligent lenses”?  They seem to be contact lenses that people can wear inside their eyes which can also be used to communicate with each other and browse the internet. There are other billboards announcing computer chips that can be inserted in people’s heads  to change their visions and hearing.

I ask myself: “What have we become…?” I am petrified.  I am lost.  People around me are browsing the internet, communicating to other people, using their goggles.  And there are advertising about moving this technology  further to the point of  interfering with our natural five senses! Nobody recognizes what is happening in front of them or around them.  They all seem to be living in their own world…..

Does this story seem unreal to you?  Just look around you.


How much time in front of the Mirror?

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?  One minute? Five minutes?  Fifteen? An hour?

And why do we spend so much time in front of it?  Do we spend this time for what purpose? To look “good” and appealing? To make sure we present ourselves appropriately? To whom?

Do we spend this much time in front of each other?  Instead of trying to look “perfect” so that others can approve us, can we also try to be genuine so that others can accept us for just the way we are ?


Have we been ignoring the most important part of our lives?   It is not our looks, our clothes, or the facade that we use when we go into public settings.

It is simply the real self that we so much hide and protect under our facade.  The mirrors help us to keep our true selves hidden. I wonder if we would survive without mirrors.  I wonder if bathrooms would be used as much if they would not have mirrors.

Will we experience an apocalyptic crisis if all the mirrors in the world simply disappear? We would then have to face the fact that we are more than our looks.  We would then have to accept that we have a self inside of us that may be exposed.

We may finally learn to depend on each other for comfort, reassurance, and support instead of a metallic or glassy flat surface on the wall.

We might actually look at each other for who we really are, not who we want others to think we are.

A “mirrorless” world would bring honesty, better communication, more understanding of each other, and transparency.

Can you imagine this world without mirrors?

Wax my Eyebrows…? I don’t think so!

Okay…. I just had to write a post about this, no matter how silly it sounds. I am a Hispanic male with lost of facial hair.  I mean lots of it.  Okay, so it is common in my culture to let the hair grow like in a beard, mustache, sideburns, etc. But I also happen to have a very thick eyebrow that goes from one eye to the other.  Not exactly like Oscar the Grouch from the Muppets, but a significant thick pair of eyebrows.  My brothers have them, and my father has them.  But lately, in two occasions, the barbers have asked if I want my eyebrows trimmed or waxed.  I said to my self : Are you out of your mind?

But I also have to understand that it is a different culture.  A lot of these non-Hispanic would not find themselves with a pair of eyebrows like mine.  It is simply not in their genes.  But I ask myself: Isn’t it hard enough to shave my beard everyday?  Do I also have to worry about trimming my eyebrows?  That would be insane! Next thing would be to be asked to shave my arm hair and legs as  well.  But that would not happen in my lifetime.

Why do we shave anyways?  To please others, or to maintain good hygiene?  Maybe both.  We are constantly bombarded with advertisements from the media that suggest we dress, groom, and fix our hairs in a certain way.  It tells us how we should act and the attitudes we should have as well.  It is insane.  Worrying about what others think of us because of our looks is truly a waste of energy, in my opinion.  Which is why many times, when I look at the mirror and notice something that I think may catch people’s attention in a negative way, I tell myself: If they don’t like it, they can look the other way.  As simple as that.

So I will certainly keep my eyebrows, full and intact. Besides, they help me to block the sun, the rain, and the dust as well.  They are simply not just a pair of nice looking eyebrows.  😉

Take Off Your Clothes

Take off your clothes

Why do we wear so many clothes?  Why do we like to be covered so much? Is it to perform our special skills and attributes on the  stage we call Life?  Or is it to protect ourselves from the cold, heat, and the wind of insecurity and uncertainty?
We wear particular clothes to go to work: a tie, a nice necklace, shinny shoes, a nice dress.  All for what?  To present our facade of professionalism and expertise in whatever we choose to do.

We also wear specific clothes to go to social events, to go to church, to attend important meetings, and even to go to sporting events.  Every occasion has its corresponding type of clothing.  Every type of situation in life triggers a specific kind of defense mechanism.
The clothes we wear everyday serve as trophies and decorations that glorify us in many ways.  It shows the world the importance of what we do in life, it demonstrates our talents, our abilities, and our ambitions.  It shows the world how much money we have, how many people are under our supervision, how many years of experience we have, and how much do we know about the latest fashion.  It shows  everyone else our faiths, our values, and our attitudes.

We also sometimes wear hats, gloves, and oversize jackets to prevent any future harm.  It shows the world not to dare harm us anymore.  It protects us, it shows off our skills, and  it glorifies us.

What for?

Wouldn’t we be better off without all of these unnecessary layers?  Wouldn’t it be better if we are honest and let others see our weaknesses as well?

It simply proves how insecure we are. It shows how afraid we are of being vulnerable.  It depicts our fears. Our limitations.  We don’t dare show off our weaknesses.  We are afraid of disclosing the mistakes and the shortcomings we so much regret.  We rather want to be regarded as strong, limitless, and untouchable.  We rather pretend to be someone else.  So we keep wearing clothes.

We also shave, put on make up, comb our hairs, and cut our nails to present to the world that we are in control and we are taking care of ourselves.  But, are we really?  What about our greed?  What about our hatred towards others?  What about the selfishness and the pride that poison our souls everyday?  We don’t get rid of these, because they are underneath our clothes.  They are hidden under the protection of our egos.  They keep us convinced that we are strong.  So we keep putting on our clothes.

I think we should reconsider this behavior.  We should be honest with ourselves and others, and stop pretending to be someone we are not.  We should start taking off the masks, the decorations, and all the layers that we always wear so that we can fit in.  We should start taking off our clothes.