Jesus visits Christmas


Jesus came down one night to see how his followers were conmemorating his birth and his teachings. He went first to a house up in a hill.  He heard people singing and laughing . So he went inside and saw a big tree full of lights and decorations. “I am the light of the world…” Jesus said out loud.  But the people inside the house kept decorating the tree with colorful lights.  Jesus also noticed colorful boxes under the tree. He asked one person what those boxes were and the person said, “Well,  they are holiday gifts, of course… They are for the kids and grown ups too!”  Jesus was puzzled and said “But I have given  everyone the gift of eternal life…!” But the person shrugged and walked away.  Still confused , Jesus visited another house where people were drinking alcohol and laughing hysterically.   They were cooking and eating lots of food and saving some for later.  Jesus said “How about feeding the hungry people who are homeless ?..” But nobody responded and continued to drink and eat without hesitation.

Feeling disappointed, Jesus went outside and started walking down the road and saw lots of people coming in and out of a big building.   He approached the building to find out what the people were doing.   Jesus thought they were probably visiting the sick or the imprisoned. But instead he  saw people rushing inside to buy as many stuff as they could . He noticed people arguing about who should get the last item on a shelf.  He saw many people acting anxious and  angry.   Jesus said ” Come to me if you are tired and restless.”   But everybody kept rushing and arguing.

Jesus went back outside and saw a beggar outside of the front door, and asked “What about clothing this humble person?”  but nobody else paid any attention to him.  They seemed to be focused on buying and filling up their carts to take to their own homes.

Jesus went to the next building, hoping to find at least a glimpse of what he has taught.   But then he saw an old fat man sitting on a throne with a group  of children waiting in line  to see him.  Jesus said ” Ah! Children! Theirs is the kingdom of heaven ! But why do they want so desperately to see this other king?” To his surprise, Jesus could hear one child sitting at the king’s lap asking him to deliver  toys to his house.  Feeling frustrated, Jesus stormed out of the building.  

He was troubled and saddened by what he saw.  He asked himself “What about the least of these? What about compassion, forgiveness, serving and making  peace?  What happened to those who are poor in spirit, the meek, and the ones who love their neighbors as themselves?

He then decided to return to the buildings and the homes to remind people again about the real reason for the season. Once there , Jesus spoke but nobody listened.  The noise was too loud and there was a lot of holiday music playing in the background. Out of despair , Jesus started pushing people out of the building and throwing the stuff off the shelves, while he shouted “Get out and visit the homeless, the sick, and the imprisoned !”  Jesus then returned to the homes and overturned the tables  and knocked down the decorated trees while he shouted “Get out and feed the hungry and clothe the naked!”

But he was suddenly apprehended by several police officers and was charged with disturbing the peace and trespassing.  He was beatened and pushed around for messing up people’s holiday celebration.  He was sent to jail where he could not get a fair trial and where he ended up dying.  He was quickly forgotten and the rest of the world kept buying and eating as if nothing happened. 

  The following year it happened all over again.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Thanksgiving !!

Have you noticed how society has slowly ignored Thanksgiving?  It is almost as if it does not exist anymore.  Why?  Because Christmas is just around the corner!  People can’t wait for the lights to be shown, the tree to be decorated, and gifts to be wrapped.  Santa Claus is coming to town!  Oh wait, I was writing about Thanksgiving, right? Ok, well Thanksgiving is a holiday about giving thanks for the things we have… Things we have?  We must get up early on Black Friday because of the sales!  We have to get as many things as we can while they are still on the shelves.  Stores will be packed so time is of the essence!  Making  a wish list for Santa…! Oh, I forgot again what I was writing about.  Anyways, Thanksgiving is a holiday based on the historical story about the Pilgrims and the Indians who were giving thanks to God for their blessings.  Singing Christmas carols and preparing the meal for Christmas eve!  Oh wait, we don’t do that on Thanksgiving.  We just get together, eat turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing.   But on Christmas, we decorate with lights and Christmas trees, buy and exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols, and  tell kids to be good so that  Santa Claus can come to town.  Thanksgiving?  Who needs Thanksgiving, when you have Christmas around the corner, right?

Ten Reasons why Christmas sucks!

These are the reasons why Christmas is no longer my favorite holiday.
1. It’s all about marketing, commercialism  and convincing us to buy, buy , and buy some more.
2. It is also about the big, fat, beared man with elves and reindeers (fantasy)
3. It is making Thanksgiving disappear from our communities as people start decorating right after Halloween.
4. All children want are the presents under the tree, forget the tree!
5. The weather is too darn cold and depressing.
6. Christmas songs are also depressing.
7. Red and green do not match, never did, never will.
8. No matter what your religious faith is, Christians are adamant about convincing everyone that Christmas is all about God saving the world from eternal damnation through the birth of a Jewish baby (even though it truly has pagan roots).
9. People can’t make up their minds about saying “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy Holidays”
10. True love, care, and giving should be celebrated every day, not just on December 25th.

Got any other reasons why Christmas is not so great?