Are you Sure?

I find it funny how messages and notices on computer screens, cell phones, and other electronic devices ask me if I am sure of the choice I have just made.  I understand that the main reason for these notices is to allow me to make corrections if I pressed a key unintentionally.  But I also think it can be redundant to ask me these “Are you sure” questions so many times. For instance, when shutting down my computer, it always asks “Are You Sure you want to shut down?” Cell phones ask “Are you sure you want to delete this contact?” and “Are you sure you want to download this application?”  My favorite one is when I am about to make a payment at a convenient store and the little machine where I swipe my credit card asks “Is this amount OK?”  I am tempted to press “No” because I can always say I prefer a lower amount to pay.  Also, at supermarkets the machine always asks “Do you want any cash back?” as if tempting me to withdraw some cash so that I can spend some more. It almost makes me feel as if I need to reconsider my options more.  It also makes me question my choices.  It almost promotes insecurity and uncertainty. Like right now, should I publish this post?  Am I sure about sharing this with my blogging visitors?  Now that I am asking myself…. I am not sure!