Is there such a thing as “unconditional love”?

I have been wondering, does anyone express true care and concern? Doesn’t everyone do things to gain some personal reward? When we work, it is because we expect to be paid. When we volunteer, we want to feel some kind of satisfaction, either as a productive citizen or simply a useful worker.  When we care for others, we do it hoping that what we do creates comfort in ourselves as caretakers.  When we teach, we expect the students to show improvement in their learning so that we can feel we have accomplished something.  Almost everything we do, if not everything,   is done with some expectation of a reward.  We want to get something out of it.  How about mother’s love to her child?  Mother instinct;  it is in her genes for the survival of the human race.  We act and behave to survive.  Survival of the fittest.

Or is it?  Is there such as thing as true care and genuine love?  I am talking about the kind of care for others without any expectation of a personal reward.  The religious would probably say it  is Jesus, God, or some other deity that shows us this kind of love.  If this is true, does it really happen in this world?  We write songs and poems about true love and self sacrifice.  Can we really experience this, or do we just wish and dream about it?  Does it truly exist?  Is it even possible to love others unconditionally?