Are you Sure?

I find it funny how messages and notices on computer screens, cell phones, and other electronic devices ask me if I am sure of the choice I have just made.  I understand that the main reason for these notices is to allow me to make corrections if I pressed a key unintentionally.  But I also think it can be redundant to ask me these “Are you sure” questions so many times. For instance, when shutting down my computer, it always asks “Are You Sure you want to shut down?” Cell phones ask “Are you sure you want to delete this contact?” and “Are you sure you want to download this application?”  My favorite one is when I am about to make a payment at a convenient store and the little machine where I swipe my credit card asks “Is this amount OK?”  I am tempted to press “No” because I can always say I prefer a lower amount to pay.  Also, at supermarkets the machine always asks “Do you want any cash back?” as if tempting me to withdraw some cash so that I can spend some more. It almost makes me feel as if I need to reconsider my options more.  It also makes me question my choices.  It almost promotes insecurity and uncertainty. Like right now, should I publish this post?  Am I sure about sharing this with my blogging visitors?  Now that I am asking myself…. I am not sure!



 There are many things we often take for granted that I stopped believing. For instance, I doubt we ever went to the moon. I don’t think we can rely on the government to help the poor.  I don’t believe the US is the world power anymore, or a Christian nation. I don’t believe anymore that God is up there in a distant heavenly place and punishes us with eternal hell. I don’t think we are alone in the universe. I don’t think sodas and fast food are safe to consume. I don’t believe time exists, or that history books can be trusted. Pyramids were probably not built by humans, neither were the recent crop circles.  I don’t think we will ever reach complete world peace, or that nations can ever unite. I don’t even believe everything we call reality is actually real, most of what we experience is an illusion.

What DO I still believe, you may ask??   Well, I still believe in the afterlife, and that ghosts or angels remain among us after the physical death.   I still believe that we can teach our children better how to have more peace, by emphasizing on communication, cooperation, and mercy.  I believe that we can help the poor by reaching out to our next door’s neighbor.  I believe we can improve our technology to help us unite more, rather than emphasizing on individualism and competition. I believe that here and today are the places and time to start thinking differently about the human race.

I am still learning and growing, keeping some beliefs, getting rid of some old assumptions, and having new beliefs.


fakebookFirst, let me apologize to all the Facebook fans and addicts out there.  What am I apologizing for?  Well, simply for what you are about to read.  I have been tempted to re-activate my Facebook account a few times, after canceling my account four months ago.  Some friends have asked me to go back.  The reason for my discontinuation of this ridiculous “social” website was the waste of time.  Up to this point, when I let people know I don’t have a facebook account anymore, they act surprised, because they simply  did not know.  And this actually proves my point.  My Facebook “friends” don’t even notice when I cancel this useless social website account, which tells me they have not really paid attention to my absence.  People “friend” so many people, that they lose track of who comes or goes.  I became addicted to Facebook when I started about two years ago.  But as months passed, I found myself going there to find useless information about people I really did not care about.  I started feeling like I would visit to just get out with the same feeling of emptiness. I did find some old friends, and learned a lot about their current lives, but when I really started analyzing this whole “facebook friends” deal, thinking outside the box, I realized that it really is a superficial, self-serving, and lazy way of “socializing with friends”.  It is truly a means to serve ourselves, not about communicating and bonding with people in a genuine relationship.  This is my position:  if people really want to know about me, they need to call me.  If they really want to see how I am doing, they need to visit me.  If I want to know about my friends, I will call or visit them also.  I will make the effort to go out in the community, physically, and commute.  At least send them a letter or text, with the intention of meeting. I am not a social person by nature, but if I were, I would make the attempt. As a matter of fact, I take it back.  I don’t apologize for what I am writing, because I don’t really think I am offending anyone, but simply stating my honest opinion about the detrimental website called Facebook.  You don’t have to “Like” this post or “friend” me.  But you are more than welcome to comment. 🙂  Goodbye, my friend.

Served by Machines

robotI walk into a store, the doors open by themselves. I walk down the aisle, looking for the items. Not sure of the price. I go to one of the scanners by a pole, and it reads the barcode and displays a price. I go to the public restroom, sit on the toilet, get up, and the toilet automatically flushes by itself (still have to wipe myself). I go to wash my hands, wait three seconds for the water to come down the faucet, since there is no knob. I go to dry my hands, and simply extend my hands to the dryer and it starts to blow by itself. Get out of the restroom and to the cash register. Go to the self serve register, scan the items myself, swipe my credit card, push “Credit”, push Yes on  “Amount Ok?”, grab the receipt that comes out by itself, take the groceries, and get out once again through an automatic door that opens by itself.

No need for human contact.   No one to talk to.   Nobody to say “good morning” to.   Simply service by machines.

What would be next, shoes that slide by themselves, like stakes, without the need for walking?  Some kids have shoes similar to this already.  How about shopping without stepping a foot out of the door?  Isn’t that already done with shopping online?  I can also see going to a restaurant and being attended by a machine, which has started with drive thrus.  Education is also done online.Vacations may come to us, instead of us traveling, through holograms. Heck, maybe we don’t even have to meet anyone, go on a date, get married, and have kids, since all of this may be done by machines also.

Again, no need for human contact.  No one to talk to.  Simply being served by machines.

What’s your Answer?


1. When walking into a bank, what do you prefer to have as a teller?

a. a real life person

b. an ATM machine

c. a screen with a person behind the wall

2. You are about to pay for your groceries, do you rather have…

a. a self-help cash register?

b. a breathing, living cash resigster?

c. shop online?

3. You want to meet new friends, where do you go?

a. internet social network

b. the club

c. the library

4. You have free time with kids and spouse, what do you do?

a. watch a movie

b. text each other

c. eat dinner together

5. Where do you take a break at work?

a. staff lounge

b. at home

c. on the internet

6. You are lost at the airport, who do you ask for directions?

a. nobody

b. look for a map

c. a staff or a traveler.

7. The above questions measure how much do we really want to do what?

a. spend time with other people

b. make the effort to bond with others

c. communicate with a human being

d. All of the above.

So, what is your answer?

No Time to be Human

Do you have the time to sit down and talk?  I mean, really talk?  We have been trapped in this high tech world where everything is digital and virtual, including what I am using to write this post.  We don’t have time to see each other and treat each other as human beings.  We rather send texts, emails, write on blogs, call, and chat, but God forbid we ever want to “talk” for real.  I drive down the road and see people on cell phones, not paying attention to the road.  I see others sending each other texts while on the same room.  I see people playing video games instead of playing some real physical sport.  I see people sending each other emails because of the distance, instead of traveling to have a face to face conversation.  Many people perceive this high tech generation as a plus, a better way to live, because it expedites our communication, without having to travel.  It is also perceived as a way to intervene in emergencies and crisis when all it takes is a push of a button and help is on the way.  Yeah, this sounds good, but not to me.  Maybe I was born in the wrong time.  I might be a hypocrite by using this blog and communicating this to you, and I can accept that.  But in overall, how much time do we have to spend on computers, cell phones, and iphones instead of with each other?  We are losing ourselves.  We are becoming a generation of zombies.  We don’t live in the present anymore, but some other time.  We don’t live here anymore, but elsewhere.  The here and now has become obsolete with all of these gadgets.  Are we escaping each other, or getting closer to each other?  I believe we are becoming more isolated and less human.  We don’t appreciate real human communication.