Can I have Sunlight with that vacation please?: Family time with a bit of cool weather 

Ahh…! Spring break …. The trees are greener… The birds are singing. The temperature is rising . The flowers are blooming…. And the pollen is invading every single one of our nostrils causing  sneezes and coughs… And our cars look green too.

But I am not complaining… The family and I are enjoying a three day vacation (finally) in a hotel right at the Beach. The following is our experience so far…:

Day one: we arrive at the hotel .. The sky looks grey… With a little bit of blue here and there.. Temperatures are  in the 70s. Not bad for spring .. The kids brought surfing boards (they don’t really surf), beach balls, and tools to make sand castles .   We are planning to stay at the beach most of the time .  Once we go in the room .. It starts raining.   I am thinking “Ok… Good for the flowers and the grass.”  After the rain , it is too dark and cold (60s now) to go walk at the beach … So we go buy pizza and a little bit of groceries and bring it back to hotel room.  No microwave in the room so we have to eat fast before pizza gets too cold. But everything else is good, so far.

Day two : We wake up and it feels like 6:00 in the morning , but it’s actually almost 9 o’clock! So we run downstairs to eat breakfast in hotel’s lobby before they close at 10  am.   No sunlight yet… It is 63 degrees outside. Not too bad, but no time for beach yet.  We go back upstairs and just relax.  At noon we go to the beach to test the environment.. Still too cold and windy .. A few people  are walking on the sand . Three guys trying to fly a kite that literally hits me two times because they obviously cannot control it , but I politely return the kite to them . Pool area is empty.    My wife and I cannot stand the cold wind anymore and head back to room with kids.

 After a long nap, we go back outside to eat dinner.  We find a nice restaurant close by, and , voila! there is a perfect new park right across the street  and right at the beach too !  So after linner (lunch and dinner) , we spend time at this park.  Sky is still cloudy and wind is cool. Upon returning to hotel , my son wants to return to beach , to play some soccer with him at an almost empty beach.. The wind kept pushing the ball toward the ocean, but my son is fast enough to get it. Tomorrow should be warmer and sunnier … Wish us luck….!

Day three: We got up to eat breakfast and the sky was still grey. But I saw some sunlight around 10 am . !! We went running to the beach and spent time under the sun for about four hours .   We finally got some beach time as a family.    We may continue tomorrow even after checking out of the hotel.!!