Ridiculous Holiday

Fighting during Black Friday 

See the video above and you will see just how ridiculous this holiday season can be.  People literally fight over getting the best deal in stores during last Black Friday’s shopping day.  This just proofs that we are just selfish beings who strive for materialism and greed, fueled by today’s consumerism.

What was the reason for the season again…?  Oh, giving to the poor, right? Visiting the ill, I thought.  Giving thanks for what we have, I presumed.

But in today’s fast pacing and money driven society, we have evolved into a new species of violence and hatred over the cheapest deal in the local mall.

The Spirit of the Season is already here…!

What’s your Answer?


1. When walking into a bank, what do you prefer to have as a teller?

a. a real life person

b. an ATM machine

c. a screen with a person behind the wall

2. You are about to pay for your groceries, do you rather have…

a. a self-help cash register?

b. a breathing, living cash resigster?

c. shop online?

3. You want to meet new friends, where do you go?

a. internet social network

b. the club

c. the library

4. You have free time with kids and spouse, what do you do?

a. watch a movie

b. text each other

c. eat dinner together

5. Where do you take a break at work?

a. staff lounge

b. at home

c. on the internet

6. You are lost at the airport, who do you ask for directions?

a. nobody

b. look for a map

c. a staff or a traveler.

7. The above questions measure how much do we really want to do what?

a. spend time with other people

b. make the effort to bond with others

c. communicate with a human being

d. All of the above.

So, what is your answer?

No Time to be Human

Do you have the time to sit down and talk?  I mean, really talk?  We have been trapped in this high tech world where everything is digital and virtual, including what I am using to write this post.  We don’t have time to see each other and treat each other as human beings.  We rather send texts, emails, write on blogs, call, and chat, but God forbid we ever want to “talk” for real.  I drive down the road and see people on cell phones, not paying attention to the road.  I see others sending each other texts while on the same room.  I see people playing video games instead of playing some real physical sport.  I see people sending each other emails because of the distance, instead of traveling to have a face to face conversation.  Many people perceive this high tech generation as a plus, a better way to live, because it expedites our communication, without having to travel.  It is also perceived as a way to intervene in emergencies and crisis when all it takes is a push of a button and help is on the way.  Yeah, this sounds good, but not to me.  Maybe I was born in the wrong time.  I might be a hypocrite by using this blog and communicating this to you, and I can accept that.  But in overall, how much time do we have to spend on computers, cell phones, and iphones instead of with each other?  We are losing ourselves.  We are becoming a generation of zombies.  We don’t live in the present anymore, but some other time.  We don’t live here anymore, but elsewhere.  The here and now has become obsolete with all of these gadgets.  Are we escaping each other, or getting closer to each other?  I believe we are becoming more isolated and less human.  We don’t appreciate real human communication.